Mar 242008
The JWOC team is: Bridget Anderson (QLD) Rachel Effeney (QLD) Belinda Lawford (ACT) Krystal Neumann (QLD) Laurina Neumann (QLD) Aislinn Prendergast (VIC) 1st Reserve-Jess Davis (TAS) Nick Andrewartha (TAS) Lachlan Dow (ACT) Bryan Keely (VIC) Leon Keely (VIC) Oliver Mitchell (QLD) Oscar Phillips (TAS) 1st Reserve-Geoff Stacey (ACT) Other outstanding EU results – and former Eureka’s on loan to ACT – saw Jenny Bourne take 1st in W50 by a massive 33 minutes, Geoff Lawford 1st in M50 by 17 minutes, Roch Prendergast 4th in M55, Anitra Dowling 4th in W35A, Judy P 7th in W45AS, Ian Lawford 2nd in M-16, Terry Haebich (23rd) and John Erwin (27th) in M55A, and Tom Norwood 6th in M75A.