Dec 022012
6th aMAZEing Ballarat 1 Dec 2012 – Event Report 27 intrepid teams took to the streets and parks of Ballarat on Saturday in near perfect weather to contest the 6th annual aMAZEing Ballarat, run by Eureka Orienteers. One aspect was familiar, the start/finish point at the Ballarat Community Garden, but the rest remained a mystery until the start whistle was sounded. Half the group were off to see if they could send a bowl within a meter of the kitty at the Victoria Bowling Club, while the others got stuck into clearing long grass at the Garden and gathering it into stooks. From there on the teams were able to choose their own order and try to outwit a boardgames master at a games shop, haul a ship’s rope 50m, make an origami box and work out a series of photo points. As well they were kept busy amongst other puzzling matters trying to discover where was the “bunny-hop” line, Nag’s Head and Pencilmark Lanes, a Botanical Garden in the CBD and how many moustaches were being sported by a First World War division who had their photograph hanging in the RSL. Not only were the competitors having a great time but they had at the same time raised around $1000 which was turned into sports and camping gear which was donated to Berry St, to allow them to run enhanced programs for Adolescents at Risk in the Ballarat community. The organisers always look to find new ways of grouping the teams to spread the treasured aMAZEing prize mugs amongst the groups and this year was no exception. There was the Berry St Challenge for the staff competing from that institution, the Braggers Cup for the experienced/fit and serious, the Strolling Bone for the amblers, the SI Trophy for the orienteers and the Shepherd’s Pie for those leftover from the organiser’s classifications. Winners were – Berry St A in the Berry St Challenge, The Mapgpies in the Braggers Cup, Ains and Pete in the Strolling Bone, I thought you said left in the SI Trophy and OnesNthrees in the Shepherd’s Pie. AMAZEing Ballarat 7 will be on again on the first Saturday in December in 2013. Mark it in your diary now. Results Berry St Challenge Berry St A ​237.56​ 820 Berry St B​ 218.57​ 645 The Braggers Cup The Magpies​ 237.03​ 875 Beep Beep Zip Tang​ 220.19​ 865 Life’s Swell over Bell​ 224.51​ 840 BalANZACtine ​221.01​ 830 XAXA​ 236.38 ​810 Slow Pokes​ 218.08​ 655 The Strolling Bone Ains & Pete ​238.26​ 825 Stop Turning the Map​ 236.15 ​765 Witches in Britches​ 240.00 ​700 The Blackinerneys​ 233.42​ 605 Blak Cats​ 234.58​ 585 We’ll Just Follow Them​ 240.00​ 535 3 Saints & A Magpie​ 208.18​ 480 The SI Trophy I Thought You said Left ​229.37​ 875 2Ps No Pod​ 238.24​ 785 The New Old ​230.12 ​820 Team JAG​ 220.45 ​785 Collins Class ​231.39 ​720 Starlight​ 233.33​ 695 Bismarck​ 236.26​ 595 The Shepherd’s Pie OnesNthrees​ 231.43 ​950 The Clowns ​236.48 ​870 Nuts​ 221.18 ​845 TIZ​ 230.23​ 715 Cruise Control​ 230.19​ 690