Mar 232015
Hi everyone
Here are the EU teams for Sunday at Lake Eppalock. I think the details are correct as listed on Eventor.
I have added blue club SI sticks to Sam Valentine and Gary Buchan which I’ll bring along on the day. If you see any error,  please let Ian/Blake know and we’ll fix it.
We’ve tried to honour your requests for early starts – and put you on (mostly) the course you asked for but with the uncertainty of the E mixed course – we don’t know which leg will start first L, M or S – we’ve had to hedge a bit to make everything work.
UPDATE – Order now known – Dale first (Medium), then Tsegii (Short), then Rod(Long).
It will be hard to improve on our 2014 results – but as long as we run/walk smartly then, the day will be a success for all.
NameClassTeam lineupEureka Orienteers 1 A
1 Ian Lawford 9101502
2 Belinda Lawford 1409754
3 Geoff Lawford 1409751
Eureka Orienteers 1 B
1 Sam Valentine 2015191
2 Jenny Bourne 1409752
3 Chris Norwood 540604
Eureka Orienteers 1 C
1 Mark Valentine 204110
2 Blake Gordon 7200210
3 Ian Chennell 641226
Eureka Orienteers 2 C
1 Anitra Dowling 204045
2 Gary Buchan 2015200
3 John Erwin 7200213
Eureka Orienteers 1 E mixed
1 Dale Ann Gordon (Medium) 7200211
2 Erdenetsetseg Choijinsuren (Short) 256604
3  Rod Gray (Long)  9040455