Mar 022016

Hi all,

This upcoming change to Eventor is quite important – it gets rid of the annoyance of having to manually add a Member Discount as a “service”, when you enter events.

Eventor will shortly be smart enough to:

1. Charge you the members event entry fee if you’re a current OVic member,
2. Charge you the non-member entry fee if you’re not, and
3. Offers you the option to create or renew an OVic membership on the spot, to get the members entry fee.

For event organisers, we will now need to set up member and non-member entry fees, rather than adding a “member discount service” to take eg $5 off the entry fee for members.

This update goes live tomorrow, and is the big Eventor change we’ve been waiting for, for a long while!

Cheers, Ian

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Date: 2 March 2016 at 13:17:00 AEDT
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Subject: Eventor Improvements – Linking Event Fees to Membership – Batch 2 to OQ, OSA, OT, OVIC

To all State Eventor Administrators


Last year Orienteering Australia set up an Eventor Working Group (EWG) to develop a set of specifications to improve Eventor, particularly in the area of membership.  The first phase of this development was rolled out last November with improvements to membership renewal.  The second phase titled ‘Linking Event Fees to Membership’ has now been completed and is ready to deploy.  OA was able to fund both developments from ASC grants. 


The ‘Linking Event Fees to Membership’ development has undergone extensive User Acceptance Testing by the EWG.   With all known issues now addressed, it is ready to be deployed onto our Australian Eventor site.  This upgrade is planned be done on the evening of Thursday 3rd March EDT.


Attached are supporting documents for administrators and users that club and state administrators are welcome to use or modify to suit their needs.  


While we have been able to email this information to everyone listed as State Administrator in Eventor, we respectively request that you please pass this onto all club administrators.  Also we would very much appreciate it if you could arrange for users to learn of the changes via websites or newsletters.


Ian Rathbone                                                                     Craig Feuerherdt
Chairman, Eventor Working Group                          OA Director