May 302017
BUNS Event 27 May 2017 Delacombe We explored some of Delacombe again last Saturday, using a different start point to give us a different perspective and create different route choices. A good number of people visited all the controls. Are we improving our navigation and route choices or was it that Roch was in a kindly mood and made it easy for us???? Will the Lawfords be in a kind mood next Saturday (3rd June) at Canadian Lakes or will they provide a stern test? To find out, meet on Canadian Lakes Boulevard, near the lakes, ready for a 11.15am start. Bonus points go to anyone who brings a friend who hasn’t tried our BUNS series. Hope you’ll be there! Results from last Saturday: Judy 170 points 44.55 Peter 190 points 42.50 Jeanette ?points(we’ll give her 200 as a default option) 44.30 Mark 200 points 32.00 Steven & Lachlan 180 points 45.00 Blake 200 points 34.00 Maurice 160 points 49.00 BJ 160 points 45.00 Angela 200 points 44.30 Ian 200 points 37 mins Geoff, Belinda & Jenny 200 points 33.00