Aug 262018
Hi Blake

We are doing a Julie Bishop and throwing our hat in the ring at the last moment. 
Geoff likes version 5. 
I like 3  or 5. 
But it doesn’t matter now because you’ve probably  decided already. 
Cheers from Hervey Bay

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Hi Everyone

Here are the 5 versions of the club o-shirt (can make either long or short sleeve) that have been proposed. Now I need a vote of the membership on which version you would like to wear. The large cross in versions 1,2, and 3 should be all light blue (remove the orange bars/cross except in the little logos). We should be able to come to some agreement before Sunday’s event at Chapel Flat. Final agreed version will be sent out on Sunday night. 

So make your choice and send it back to – just 1 per person (no onesies Geoff) with whatever minor changes you’d like. “Orienteers run the country” – maybe we should be in Canberra today!

Good luck to Geoff and Rod who having another go at the AUS Rogaining titles in Gympie tomorrow.




<Eureka O-top designs.pdf>


Version 4
<Eureka O-top V4.pdf>

<Eureka O-top V5.pdf>

Version 5