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Dec 022018

Might do a 10 am short course.  Penny Greenslade


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Just hoping everyone got this

Have had some replies so sending out a last reminder

Hi All

A reminder re. Eureka interested parties getting together for a meeting
to discus how our Summer Urban Series is to operate this 2018/19 summer.

As an end of year Eureka get together  the following has been proposed:

Sunday 9th Dec at 147 Grevillea Dr Enfield

10:00am  1. Orienteering course on the Enfield Estate Map. 3k and 5k courses

                  2. MTBO course on the same map. 10k and 15k courses

12:30pm  BBQ lunch

Bring a sweet or a salad.  Meat provided.  Vegetation and Vegan options
available if required.  Pleas let me know

1:30pm  Meeting of all interested parties.

Please think about how you would like the series to run and be prepared
to present your ideas.

RSVP to roch.prendergast@iinet.net.au by Sun 2nd of Dec

Pleas indicate which activity, if any you are going to do.  Need nos for
the maps

Thanks all

Roch Prendergast

Enfield Estate 147 Grevillea Dr.

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