Feb 252019
Hi Gary, 

Happy to help. Not fussed where, quite happy to do control collection, would probably prefer not to do parking…

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Hello Eurekans!

RE: Creswick Event @ Petticoat Gully, 10th of March, 2019

I am writing about our event at Petticoat Gully, Creswick, on Sunday, the 10th of March. The planning and decisions are well under way. So this email was just a request for any assistance you could offer on the day with various roles, such as parking, registration tent, start duties etc.

Most everyone should be able to get a run if they want but I was just hoping if you reply and let me know how you can help, I will collate and send out a roster of duties!

Please let Gary (me!) know by sending a reply to me at the following email address.

Thank-you and looking forward to seeing you soon!

Kind regards,

Gary Buchan

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