[EurekaO] Geoff and Rod at the World Rogaining Champs

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Jul 282019

Hi all,
Eurekans Geoff Lawford and Rod Gray are currently nearly 17½ hours into their 24-hour World Rogaining Champs race in Spain. Currently they are in 4th place in the Mens Super Vets (MSV) class.
The terrain looks both hideous and spectacular – it’s mountainous with tight contour lines everywhere! Very careful route choice planning will be key to minimise their climbing over the 24 hours of the event, while maximising the number of checkpoints they can get.
Track their progress live here:  tracktherace.com/en/world-rogaining-championship-2019/race
Look for team 75 “Dawdle One and Dawdle Too” to track them on the map, and there is also the facility to send them a message.
Cheers, Ian
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[EurekaO] Photos requested for Daylesford POC leaflet

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Jul 242019
Will check my photo bank when I get back from Khuvsgul to UB on the weekend to see what I might have.

Cheers from Mongolia!

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On Wednesday, July 24, 2019, 9:08 am, All Members of Eureka <allmembers@eurekaorienteers.asn.au&gt; wrote:

Desperately seeking, not necessarily Susan, but photo of  youngsters or family group orienteering. This is for the Daylesford Permanent Orienteering Course leaflet title page. Slight preference they not be in O gear as long as it appears they are orienteering. 
Please send to me or direct to pcusworth53@gmail.com“>Peter Cusworth who is preparing the leaflet. Peter is also on the lookout for such photos for the annual bush-o leaflet.
Hope you can help, Ken

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[EurekaO] Testing map adjusted for colour vision impaiment

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Jun 272019
G’day Eureka members
For those of you unaware, we are creating here in Daylesford a permanent orienteering course (POC). It is fully funded. Wesbite link below.
One of the Universal Design features of the POC is that we will provide printed maps suited to at least  one of the most common forms of colour vision impairment. We will be doing both red and green impairment versions.
If any Eureka member has one of those impairments and is prepared to check out those special maps (in the comfort of your home though you are most welcome to do one of teh courses), we will be most grateful.
Just let me know at the email address above.
Regards, Ken & Anitra

[EurekaO] June 2019 Eureka Orienteers News

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Jun 052019
Hi Everyone

In order to keep you better informed as to what your club – Eureka! – is doing, I will summarise the decisions made at each of the monthly 2019 Eureka meetings (held at Eastwood Leisure Complex) in a series of dot points.

  • 2019 Winter Series – Eureka will run training events on 23 June, 7 July, 21 July , 4 August, 18 August, 1 Sept and 15 Sept in local forests to give everyone a chance to learn new skills, practice navigation, build confidence and share orienteering stories out in the bush near Ballarat. See Eventor calendar for more details or call Roch P.

  • 2019 BUNS – From October to December Eureka will run low key park/street events using the MapRun app for families and those who just want a 45 minute run/walk – all within 20 minutes time of the CBD in Ballarat.

  • Training Events for Mountain Bike Orienteering (MTBO) – Watch this space next month for training sessions leading up to the October 2019 Aus MTBO Champs in Maryborough. 

  • Eureka has decided to buy several bits of computer technology, software, radio controls, lightweight batteries, and tv screens to be trialed in the Winter Series in preparation for the Australian MTBO Championships in Maryborough and Dunnolly in late October. Eureka has taken responsibility for the finish timing, spits printout, results on tv screens and internet links for the whole of the 4 events (Mass Start, Sprint, Middle and Long Distance). President Ian Chennell hopes to train an excellent team of Eureka members to set-up, run and improve the current results system we have used successfully at most Eureka big events over the past 4 years.

  • Several encouraging schools programs are currently running locally at Ballarat North PS (Warwick W), St Columba’s (Jenny B), and maybe Damascus College (Roch). Ken D has had interest from several schools (Wesley College and Daylesford schools) in the new “Cornish Hill” (Daylesford) permanent course.

  • Eureka is well placed in the Interclub Competition as part of the Victorian Autumn Series. With 1 event to go (Creswick Diggings on Saturday 8 June, 12 noon to 2 pm) Eureka is 2nd out of all Victorian clubs. Entry on the day is still possible so try to boost our point total by participating – and wear your new EU “Orange Flash” top. Blake will have some tops at the event.

Blake Gordon , Eureka Secretary 

[EurekaO] Congratulations to Aislinn and Belinda

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May 282019

Hi everyone
A big congratulations from Eureka to Aislinn (Long Distance) and Belinda (Middle Distance) for being selected in the 2019 Australian Team for the World Orienteering Championships in Ostfold, Norway (12-17 August).
On the home front, well done to the 15 Eureka members who ran at Irishtown in Round 5 of the Autumn Series. The Vic Interclub results are not up yet but we should have maintained our 2nd place in the club standings with good runs from Rod, James, Ian, Blake, Warwick, Ken, Michael, Aislinn, Toby, Geoff, Dale and Anitra.
Remember to sign up on Event for the Saturday finale of the Autumn Series at Creswick Diggings – our big chance to get more than half of the club to run (over 20 out of our 41 is the goal).
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[EurekaO] Big Thanks for Big Day at Creswick Forest

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May 202019

Hi Eurekans
Just a sincere thanks for your efforts out at RACV Goldfields Resort today. The team of Ian, Toby, Warwick, Monica, Ken, Anitra, Henk and Rod did a terrific job setting up, parking, computer, start, registration, control collection and putting the gear away – so efficient we had it all back in the EU store by 3.30pm!
Our next big mtbo effort will be at Maryborough in late October at the Australian MTBO Championships where Eureka are responsible for the finish and results every day and the Long-Distance event on the last day.
Between now and then we hope to be running some low-key mtbo events (maybe using MapRun) so that we can train up a good team for the October championships and get a good representation of our ‘up and coming’ new members. Good to see Karen Simmons, Sam Valentine, and Thomas / Josh Valentine as well as Henk Rem building one their mtbo skills at Creswick.
Cheers Blake and Mark
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[EurekaO] MTBO #4 Need help at Creswick RACV Resort on 19th May

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May 132019
Hi Everyone

Mark and Blake need some helpers at the Vic MTBO Series #4 event at RACV Goldfields Resort on Sunday week (19th May – the day after the election). Help with parking, rego, start, finish, and control collection would be greatly appreciated. Contact Blake by email at blakegordon1@bigpond.com if you can help out for a couple of hours. Everyone in Eureka will get a ride or a training run if you want – I will fit your ride into the roster.
Eureka is developing a good relationship with the resort management so do come out and have lunch or a coffee/tea in the well-appointed pro shop before or after the event.

Eureka continues to stand in second place in the foot-o Vic Autumn Series, 36 points behind MFR after the Eppalock South event. If you fancy interesting statistics go onto the www.vicorienteering.asn.au page, click on the latest news and go to the Interclub standings or the Vic Autumn Individual Series standings. In the four events so far EU has placed first in two events (Petticoat Gully and Nerrina) and second (Bunjil and Eppalock South) – impressive! 

There are two more events – Irishtown (Hepburn Springs) and Creswick – in the autumn series so make your plans, mark your calendar, and help your club gain points.


[EurekaO] May 19th MTBO Event at Creswick

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May 132019

Hi all
Hope to see some of you at Creswick the day after the Federal election. Already I know that Ken, Monica, Sam, Rod and Tseegi, Ian and Catherine, Dale and Blake, Mark will be there. Come and enjoy a ride or run around our local forest.
Cheers Blake _______________________________________________ allmembers mailing list allmembers@eurekaorienteers.asn.au eurekaorienteers.asn.au/mailman/listinfo/allmembers_eurekaorienteers.asn.au

[EurekaO] Eureka Orienteers AGM News

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May 032019
Hi all

Eureka held the 45th AGM on Tuesday night at the Eastwood Leisure Complex.  With 40 members eligible to vote,  those members present (with a quorum of 8 members attending Jenny, Geoff, Gary, James, Roch, Blake, Ian, Monica) – 6 apologies from Peter, Rod, Tseegi, Mark, Ken and Dale ) unanimously elected the  2019-20 Executive: 
President – Ian Chennell; Vice President – James Gray; Secretary – Blake Gordon; Treasurer – Monica Dickson

General Business:

1 New club running tops: Blake reported that 25 members have received their “EU Flag with splash of orange” top. Those members that have volunteered to help at events, served as officers, run or organised events, controlled other clubs events or served as officers should get their top from Blake. 

2 Gary Buchan volunteered to work on the webpage and serve as Assistant Treasurer. Thanks Gary.

3 MapRun has had several successful runs/walks/cycles around 7 different venues. Most of those maps are still available for your fun. Just download the app MapRun and check the local Ballarat venues. Need to know more – contact Ian Chennell.

4 Upcoming Vic MTBO Series #4 event on 19th May (day after the election). Mark and Blake have been active setting and checking locations in Creswick Forest. The start is at the RACV Goldfields Resort on the outskirts of Creswick from 10am to 11.30am. Give this “navigation on wheels” a go – you’ll enjoy the track and trail riding while using your navigation skills at speed! Get onto Eventor and sign up.

5 Autumn / Winter Event Series in and around Ballarat. Roch is working out a schedule of events for the cool weather. Watch this newsletter for details – and give Roch a call if you can organise one of them.

6 Creswick 3-Days coming up over the long Queens Birthday Weekend. A great chance to get back into foot-o at maps within 30 minutes drive of Ballarat. See Eventor for details.

Last chance to get pre-entry into Eppalock event – entries close in less than 5 minutes, but you can enter on the day. Check Eventor for details.

[EurekaO] Request for helpers at Schools Championships

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Apr 302019

Hi everyone,

See below for request from OVic for assistance with Schools events…

Regards, Ian
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Subject: Request for helpers at Schools Championships
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2019 14:58:41 +1000
From: Rob Fell <rob@vicorienteering.asn.au&gt;
To: info@orienteeringalburywodonga.org, Andrew Hunter <andrew.hunter@y7mail.com&gt;, secretary@bendigo-orienteers.com.au, ewels.john.je@gmail.com, groverpj@bigpond.net.au, chennell@eurekaorienteers.asn.au, toddneve@gmail.com, Rex Niven <fortytroutelectronics@optusnet.com.au&gt;, TuckonieO@gmail.com, Heather O’Donnell <whitesofmonty@optusnet.com.au&gt;, Suzanne O’Callaghan <mariesmoc48@gmail.com&gt;

Hi all,

Could you please pass the following message onto your club members:

As you are likely aware, in May we will be holding 3 regional secondary schools orienteering championships:

  • Fri 17 May – Southern Metro – Dandenong Police Paddocks
  • Wed 22 May – Western Metro – Truganina Park
  • Fri 24 May – Eastern Metro – Westerfolds Park

Roughly 100 students will be competing at each of these events. We have also had an increase in the number of schools participating, with 24 schools entered this year.

Successful competitors at these events will be invited to compete in the ‘state finals’:

  • Fri 14 June – State Championship – Kurrajong Plantation (You Yangs)

In the time between the qualifiers and the final, students and schools will likely be looking for coaching and club contacts. These champs represent a great opportunity to introduce new juniors and their family to your club!

We will need assistance on the day with running these events.
If you can take the morning off work, or even have an extended
lunch-break to come and lend a hand it would be greatly appreciated.
If you possess a current working with children check, or have applied
for one and you can be available on one (or more) days, please let me
know ASAP.


-Rob rob@vicorienteering.asn.au 0428 358 588