Eureka SPORTident Kit


Eureka has a SPORTident “Schools Set”.  This includes the following equipment:

SI Sticks x 20 – numbered sequentially from 2015191 to 2015210 inclusive.  The sticks are the SI Card-8 model, and hold 30 control punches, plus Clear, Start and Finish punches.

Control boxes x 35 – numbered sequentially from 41 to 65 inclusive, plus 68 to 77 inclusive, plus Start and Finish, and a “Time Master” unit which also functions as a Clear box.

A download unit, that connects to a self-contained splits printer.

More information on the Schools Set is in these flyers:

SPORTident School Training Set

SPORTident School Training Set Components

The club also uses the following spreadsheet to track rental sticks:

EU SI Stick Rental

The instructions in the SI Schools Set kit are here:

SI Schools Set Instructions 1

SI Schools Set Instructions 1

SI Schools Set Instructions 2

SI Schools Set Instructions 2