MTBO Training pre-2022 Vic MTBO Champs


Introduction: On 24 April 2022, Eureka Orienteers hosted the first event in the 2022 Victorian MTBO Series at Creswick Forest South, using an update of the original Creswick South map and many of the control sites previously used for the inaugural Australian MTBO Championships in 1998. Since this area is adjacent to the Nerrina map area being used for this year’s three Victorian MTBO Championships events, the courses from the 24 April event have been uploaded into MapRun, for open use as training rides.

Safety: Creswick Forest can be quite an active area, especially on weekends, with bushwalkers, runners, cyclists, motorcyclists, prospectors and campers. That said, some of the control sites are on the more minor tracks, that may not often be used by others. If you intend going out for a training ride, please ensure you let someone know where you are going, when you expect to return, and take suitable care and precautions when out in the forest. Eureka Orienteers cannot take responsibility for your safety, and recommends you ride with a partner or coordinate riding with a group for safety.

Embargo: Please take careful note of the embargoed areas on the 2022 Vic Champs Eventor pages, as the Creswick Forest area is adjacent to Nerrina. If you remain within the mapped area on the Score/DIY Creswick South map (link below), you will safely not breach the embargoed areas. However, if you decide to ride out to Creswick South from Ballarat or vice-versa, take care to stay clear of the embargoed areas.

Courses: As organised at the 24 April event, there are four line courses, and a Score/DIY option. The event-day maps have been remade into PDFs for training, and reduced to A4 size for convenience for Courses 3 and 4. On each map is a QR code, that points to the corresponding event in MapRun. For most devices with MapRun6 installed, scanning the QR code should launch MapRun6 with the correct course/event already selected. If browsing manually, the courses are in the Victoria> Ballarat> Creswick Forest MTBO folder in MapRun. Most of the control sites should be accurate in MapRun, but haven’t been fully field-checked, so one or two may not trigger in MapRun at the expected locations.

Maps: The maps are downloadable below.

Course 1 – 28km – 12 Controls – Print as A3 Landscape – Start and Finish as on the map:    1_Creswick Forest South MTBO #1 2022 for Training

Course 2 – 22km – 10 Controls – Print as A3 Landscape – Start and Finish as on the map:    2_Creswick Forest South MTBO #1 2022 for Training

Course 3 – 16km – 9 Controls – Print as A4 Landscape – Start and Finish as on the map:     3_Creswick Forest South MTBO #1 2022 for Training

Course 4 – 10.5km – 8 Controls – Print as A4 Portrait – Start and Finish as on the map:    4_Creswick Forest South MTBO #1 2022 for Training

Score/DIY – Variable – 20 Controls – Print as A3 Landscape – No time limit, Start and Finish at ANY CONTROL YOU LIKE:    S_DIY_Creswick Forest South MTBO #1 2022 for Training

Happy training, don’t forget to pre-enter for the three Vic Champs events, and good luck for the Champs!

Regards, Ian Chennell (President, Eureka Orienteers)