NOL Sprint Double and Ultralong 2015

OK, I’ve entered.  Now what…

Hi everyone!  This is a trial of the “My Carnival” function that is planned for use on the 2015 Australian Championships Carnival website at at the end of September.  The double-header of events this weekend provides a great opportunity to test out the Entries By Class, Club, and Individual, plus Start Times and Results displays, before they are used at the Carnival for 750+ entrants.

Summary pages showing all the entries in each event, grouped by Class and by Club, are here:

Date Event Location COUNT CLASSES CLUBS A – Z
Sat 29 Aug 2015 NOL 10 – Sprint Double Damascus College and Ballarat Grammar [get_entry_count_event]2411[/get_entry_count_event] Entries by CLASS Entries by CLUB All Entries A-Z
Sun 30 Aug 2015 NOL 11- Ultralong Nerrina, Ballarat [get_entry_count_event]2412[/get_entry_count_event] Entries by CLASS Entries by CLUB All Entries A-Z
Public Race Results Ultralong Leaderboard

If you have any feedback on the layout or ease of use of these pages, please let me know at the events, or by email to and I’ll endeavour to improve on this before the Carnival.  Many thanks indeed, and enjoy your orienteering!  Ian Chennell (Eureka), Ozchamps 2015 Carnival and Sprint/Ultralong IT.

Instructions:  Use the Search tool under this text to the right to find your name, or scroll down until you find it.  Click on your name, then (optionally) bookmark the page that opens.  This is your personal “My Event” page.  On your personal page, you will find links to other pages that are personalised for you, such as a summary of all events you have entered this weekend, your classmates and clubmates in each event, and closer to the date, start lists and results for your classes and events will (should!) also appear here.  We hope you enjoy this feature of the website.  The list below is being rebuilt automatically from Eventor every hour, so if your name hasn’t appeared below immediately, please check back soon.

Entry Count:  [get_entry_count_all][/get_entry_count_all]