Ultralong Leaderboard


How this works…

This is the live leaderboard for the Wildfire 2015 Ultralong Championships. When the competition is in progress, this display shows race placings, based on each runner’s percentage km rate, when compared to the base km rate for the same age class in recent Scandinavian Ultralong Championship events.

The runner with the lowest percentage km rate wins the $2500 travel prize!

The display will update every few minutes from the results software at the event.

The Elapsed Time column shows each runner’s Elapsed Time (in MMM:SS) from the Mass Start time (10:00am). If the time has (brackets) around it, the runner is still out on their course, and the time will increment each time the screen is updated. When each runner finishes, their Elapsed Time clock will stop and the Elapsed Time from their SPORTident result is displayed here, without brackets.

Each runner’s Km Rate (in MMM:SS per km) is displayed in the next column, computed from their Elapsed Time and the length of the course for their class. This will gradually increase as time passes, until the runner finishes.

The % of Base Km Rate column shows the runner’s Km Rate as a percentage (to 3 decimal places) of the Base Km Rate for the runner’s class. This is the figure that determines the winner of the $2500 Prize. This will also gradually increase as time passes, until the runner finishes. It stops when the runner finishes and their actual result is used to make the calculation.

As each runner finishes, they are assigned a Placing in the leftmost column, based on their % of Base Km Rate figure, and the report is re-sorted into the correct order.

The rightmost column is possibly the most interesting! It shows the time difference (in MMM:SS) between each runner’s actual Elapsed Time, and the time that the runner needs to achieve to take 1st place on the % of Base Km Rate, to win the $2500 prize. If the time is in (brackets), then the runner has that period of time to finish, to take the lead. If the time is not in brackets, then the runner cannot win the prize. Runners yet to finish are displayed in the nominal placing they hold, so watch the on-course runners sitting above 1st place and the times they have remaining to follow the excitement!

Main Prize for Elites:

Donated by Eureka Orienteers – Return flight to Europe in 2015/6 + entry to European event of choice (e.g. Oringen), total value $2500. Winner will be decided between elite class winners by a handicapped adjustment of elite class km rates, based on Scandinavian ultralong km rates.

The fine print:

  • Kilometre rates for the first three placegetters in the elite age classes at recent ultra-long Championships in Sweden and Blodslitet in Norway have been used to determine a “base kilometre rate” for the four elite classes.
  • These base rates are:  M21E: 6m 13s per km, M17-20E: 6m 27s per km, W21E: 7m 24s per km, and W17-20E: 8m 05s per km.
  • Each Australian Ultra-Long runner’s kilometre rate will be compared against their respective class base rate to form a percentage (competitor’s km rate x 100/base rate).
  • The elite runner with the lowest percentage overall will win the prize.
  • Should the runner with the lowest percentage not accept the prize then it will be offered to the runner with the next lowest percentage, and so on. This means that it is possible a lower placegetter (2nd , 3rd for example) can win the prize.
  • The prize must be taken in 2015 or 2016. The prize can be used to reimburse travel already undertaken in 2015.
  • The flight must be from Australasia to Europe return.
  • The prize cannot be transferred to another person by the winner.
  • The prize will be paid in the form of cash/cheque after the winner has returned from Europe and competed “seriously” in the major race of their choice and presented Eureka Orienteers with invoices for the airfare and the competition entry fee.
  • After May 30 2016, should the winner find that they are no longer able to fulfil the requirements for the prize (travel to Europe and race), then the prize will lapse and Eureka Orienteers will keep the prize money. Prior to May 30 2016 Eureka Orienteers will attempt to transfer the prize to the next eligible competitor.