[EurekaO] Entry at Wattle Gully (Chewton) Due in 6 hours

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Aug 012018
Hi everyone Just a quick reminder to get your entry in for the Vic Spring Series #1 at Chewton before midnight tonight. Also if you have designs / colours / words that you think should be on the new Eureka tops (either in short or long sleeves) please send your ideas to Blake. So far the colours (dark blue and white – the colour of the shirt), Eureka Orienteers flag superimposed over an orange and white control flag, the words Eureka! Ballarat, Australia, and “Orienteers run the country” have been suggested. Cheers Blake _______________________________________________ allmembers mailing list allmembers@eurekaorienteers.asn.au eurekaorienteers.asn.au/mailman/listinfo/allmembers_eurekaorienteers.asn.au

[EurekaO] Eureka need Running Tops for the Aus Champs and beyond!

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Jul 292018
Hi all

Over the past few months we’ve been talking about the need for new running tops for Eureka. Now before we go any further, I need a bit of guidance with what you members want. I took several styles out to the Argyle Dam event today (thank Roch and Robbie for a great event & before the rains came!).

If we want tops to be ready, ordered, printed and on your bodies before the end of September we need some design ideas. Part of the discussion at today’s event centred on the colour of the tops, long or short sleeve, and what designs and words to be printed on them. 

I’ve found a podium team wear shirt (www.jbswear.com.au) – L/S Poly Tee Kids and adults (sizes from S to 5XL) the is light, cool, flexible when stretched, and comes in long or short sleeves. Several people today said they’d like a long sleeved shirt (could have been the cold weather??) that could be printed on front and back (not the sleeves – that requires the shorts to be specially made up) with words and designs. Having talked to a manufacturing outlet in Ballarat, he said that colours of the logos, words and designs show up best on white (they are part of the fabric – not ‘iron ons’  like the Dr Blake logos we had in 2015).

So it’s over to you – just send me (after looking at the product on the web) ideas for …

– what designs – ie. Eureka 8-pointed stars – like the Eureka flag; rippling flag
– what words – ie. Eureka Orienteers, Ballarat, Australia; orienteers run the country
– what logos – ie Eureka logo with orienteering flag logo
– what colours – orange, blue, black, red, yellow
– what shirt – long or short sleeves
                  …YOU would like to see on the final product. Then I’ll send those away to a graphic artist who has done this kind of work before (Peter Cusworth, BK) and get some design options.

Please send them to blakegordon1@bigpond.com so we don’t get too much internet traffic in the next few days.



[EurekaO] Local O events

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Aug 062018

The second event of our local event series is coming up on Sunday. It will be in Nerrina Forest, starting at Nuggety Dam (which is off Glen Park Rd, about 1km south of White Swan Rd).


Start anytime between 11am and noon and choose from 4 courses ranging from 2km to 5km. The 2km course is “easy” standard and uses the good track network near the dam.

The 3km course gets a bit more adventurous and goes off track, but uses large features (or small features with obvious features nearby!)

The 4km and 5km courses use the small detail and have some route choice options.


So there is something for all in an area that has well defined boundaries (preventing you from wandering for days!!).


Roch entertained 15 runners with some good courses at Surface Hill in our first event of this series. Hopefully we will get a good roll up to Nuggety Dam.

Coaching will be available if you are inexperienced in bush navigation.


Hope to see many of you there.

Contact Jenny for any further information 0432111307  or  gjlawford2@bigpond.com



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[EurekaO] Local Orienteering Events

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Jul 242018

Dust off your compasses! Orienteering is returning to the local area in a series of events in nearby forests.


All of the events will be on Sundays and you can start anytime between 11am and noon. There will be 4 different courses to choose from ranging from 2km to 6km and with various degrees of difficulty, so there will be something to suit all regardless of your ability or fitness.


Events are scheduled for:

July 29th (next Sunday!!!)

Aug 12th

Aug 26th

Sept 9th

Sept 23rd


This Sunday’s event will be organised by Roch and will be on the Surface Hill map. The start area is at Argyle Dam on Surface Hill Rd, 1.5km from Smythesdale on Sebastopol-Smythesdale Rd. Start times are  11:00 AM to 12:00.
Courses available will be  5km hard navigation, 3.5Km hard navigation, 3Km Moderate navigation, 2km easy navigation.

On Sunday 12 Aug, the event will start at Nuggety Dam in Nerrina Forest, off Glen Park Rd, about 1km south of White Swan Road. The format will be much the same as above. Jenny and Geoff will organise this one.


We are still looking for people to organise some of the other events. If you are willing and able, please contact Roch (  roch.prendergast@iinet.net.au ) or Jenny ( gjlawford2@bigpond.com ).


Hope to see many of you there on Sunday to enjoy a lovely day out in the forest.





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[EurekaO] Eureka Meeting Mon 16th July

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Jul 122018
Won’t be there Roch unless needed.  I understand that EU does have a POC in Victoria Park? If so, may I suggest EU get it added to the list of POCs on the OV website https://www.vicorienteering.asn.au/resources/permanent-courses/  Probably most useful if maps were available in a local sports shop or ELC as well as OSOA.

btw I selected a response to Sender but it looks like it is going to all EU members?

Regards, Ken

[EurekaO] Eureka Meeting Mon 16th July

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Jul 112018
Blake will be there at 7pm on the Monday 16th July.


On 11 Jul 2018, at 8:02 pm, roch.prendergast@iinet.net.au wrote:

Hi all
Planning to have a meeting at Eastwood Leisure Center on Mon 16th July at 7:00 pm.  Many things to discuss 
Sunday winter bush event
Sprint into Spring

Who can attend


[EurekaO] Eureka Meeting Mon 16th July

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Jul 112018

Hi all
Planning to have a meeting at Eastwood Leisure Center on Mon 16th July at 7:00 pm.  Many things to discuss 
Sunday winter bush event
Sprint into Spring

Who can attend


[EurekaO] Eureka Thanks for 2018 Vic MTBO Champs

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Jul 022018

Hi Peter, Tony, Kathy and Jon,

On behalf of Eureka, the Committee would like to formally thank you, on behalf of the membership and the MTBO community, for your efforts and assistance with the 2018 Vic MTBO Championships events at Creswick. It was a challenging and unusual set of events, organisation-wise, given the unfortunate deferral of the original Middle and Long Distance fixtures at short notice, so your combined efforts in setting, then re-setting, and maintaining the event’s confidentiality and embargo across the “gap”, so everyone could compete fairly on the second attempt, was greatly appreciated by all involved.

Regards, Ian Chennell on behalf of the Committee

[EurekaO] What’s Happening at Eureka this Winter/Spring !

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Jun 122018
Hi everyone

As a result of last Monday’s Eureka June meeting, I have taken responsibility to communicate several interesting initiatives for the club. If you think this works, I’ll do it each month as part of our strategy to promote orienteering in our region. Dot points should highlight decisions from the June meeting – with action to follow.

  • Purchase of GPS for club mapping projects – Ken D/Rod G to source/purchase suitable unit (~$900).
  • Proposed permanent course at Cornish Hill (Daylesford) – Rob Fell/Ken D to survey time scale for project; EU draft ‘letter of support’ of the concept of “posts along tracks” to introduce visitors to navigation using map.
  • Vic Relays – James G has organised 3 teams; Aaron D (new) in mixed team (Aaron, Blake, Toby C)
  • Planning for 2018 events – list of the Course Setter and Organiser, and Venue
    • Vic Teachers Games (23-26 Sept) – Mark V (CS), Monica/Blake (O) – ELC in Ballarat
    • MTBO Vic Series#5 (21 Oct) – Toby C (CS), Blake (EO) – Linton PS (following Rogaine on Sat)
    • Sprint into Spring#6 and 7 (24 Nov) – Warwick W / James G – Federation Uni; need another club
    • Victorian Sprint Champs (25 Nov) – Roch P / Chris N ? – SMB Campus Fed Uni – embargos needed
    • 12th aMAZEing Buninyong (1 Dec) – Monica D / Helen B – Buninyong 
  • O Vic Training Camp at Linton (Camp Wedgetail) – July 7-9 – Rob F (O) – coaches needed
  • Eureka Club Development – informal meeting 17 June (Sunday pm) at Brown Hill pub – all members invited – contact Rob F rob@vicorienteering.asn.au 

— Blake Gordon, for the EU Executive