Hi Everyone,

For anyone visiting or residing in Ballarat who would like to go for a run using the MapRunF application, the following maps are available to print off. All are suitable for A4 paper.

If you have the older MapRun application, please install the newer MapRunF app, which is on the Apple App Store, or Google Play for Android devices.

Once in MapRunF, go Select Event, then browse into the Victoria folder, then Ballarat.

With any MapRun event, it is important that once you start your course, you STAY AWAY from the FINISH point, until you intend to finish! This is not usually an issue on the line courses, but is important for the score courses, if you happen to choose a route that takes you close to the Finish point before you’re ready to end your run.

New feature – Start Anywhere! Peter Effeney (the developer of MapRun) has recently added a new feature to MapRunF, which is a fabulous enhancement, especially for the current COVID-19 situation. Previously, the Start and Finish locations on each course were fixed by the course setter, and you had to start and finish your run at the designated locations. Now, course setters can configure a course in “Start Anywhere” mode, and in this mode you are able to start your run at ANY control on the course. MapRunF will automatically reconfigure itself to make this point your Start and Finish location for that run. So you don’t have to travel further than you have to, or if any point on a course is close to your home, you can start and finish there.

After you click [Go to Start] on a Start Anywhere course to “arm” MapRunF, the first control location you register a visit at, becomes your Start and Finish location. As explained above, once you leave the Start/Finish location you choose, don’t approach this point again until you intend to finish and end your run. After starting, for score and scatter courses, you choose the controls to visit and the order, as usual. For line courses, run the course from your chosen start/finish point in increasing number order to the highest number, then run to control 1 and continue in increasing number order until you get back to the start/finish point.

More maps and courses will be added in coming days. If you have a specific request for some MapRun controls in an area close to you, please send me an email! Enquiries to Ian Chennell, email president@eurekaorienteers.asn.au.

EventStart/Finish PointMap - Score CourseMap - Long DistanceMap - Medium DistanceMap - Short Distance
Ballarat CentralAny Control60Min ScoreLong DistanceMedium DistanceShort Distance
***NEW*** Ballarat CityAny ControlAll Courses A3 Landscape. Start/Finish at any control, and visit as many controls as you like in 2 hours. 20 Pts per control, -10 per min late back.Same Map - Select 30 Control Scatter event in MapRunF. Start/Finish at any control, and visit any 30 controls.Same Map - Select 20 Control Scatter event in MapRunF. Start/Finish at any control, and visit any 20 controls.Same Map - Select 10 Control Scatter event in MapRunF. Start/Finish at any control, and visit any 10 controls.
Canadian LakesCanadian Lakes Boulevarde45Min Score
CreswickCalembeen Park45Min Score
Daylesford POCThomas' LookoutGet Map from Links on this page
DelacombeDoug Dean Reserve45Min Score
Don LeadFidelity Club Kindergarten45Min Score
Lake EsmondLake Esmond Park45Min Score
Lake WendoureeNursery Drive Gazebo45Min Score
LucasAny Control60Min ScoreLong DistanceMedium DistanceShort Distance
MacArthur ParkAny Control60Min ScoreLong DistanceMedium DistanceShort Distance
Soldiers HillAny Control60Min ScoreLong DistanceMedium DistanceShort Distance
Victoria ParkInclusive Playspace Vic Park45Min Score
WarrenheipWarrenheip PS45Min Score