Australian Teams

Eureka in Australian Teams - World and Junior Champs, AUS/NZ Challenge, World Masters Champs, World MTBO Champs, etc
1979AUS/NZ ChallengeNZLDale Ann Gordon (W35)Phillip Norwood (M17-20)Rod Gray (M21)
1980AUS/NZ - 1st APOCACTDale Ann Gordon (D35)Phillip Norwood (M17-20)Shirley Viner (D35)
1981World O ChampsSWITom and Lesley Norwood (Managers)(Aust 6th in Mens & Womens Relays)
AUS/NZ - WoodhillNZLDale Ann Gordon (D35)Phillip Norwood (M17-20)Shirley Viner (D35)
1982AUS/NZ - BullecourtQLDDale Ann Gordon (D35)Rose Campbell (D35)
AUS/NZ - 2nd APOCJapanTom Norwood (H50)
1984AUS/NZ - NasebyNZLDale Ann Gordon (W35)Shirley Viner (W21E)Rose Campbell (W35 Alternate)
1986AUS/NZ - Jubilee150SADale Ann Gordon (W40)Shirley Viner (W40)Andrew Campbell (M40)
Sarah Campbell (W14-16)
APOCHong KongTom Norwood (M55)
1987AUS/NZ - North IsNZLDale Ann Gordon (W45)
Rose Campbell (W40)
Heather Bice (W40)Emily Viner (W14-16)
1988AUS/NZ - APOCTASDale Ann Gordon (W40)
Ian Jamieson (M14-16)
Emily Viner (W14-16)
Shirley Viner (W40)
Sarah Campbell (W17-20)
Tom Norwood (M60)
Rose Campbell (W40)
Andrew Campbell (M40)
1989AUS/NZ - World CupNZLEmily Viner (W14-16)Ian Jamieson (M14-16)Tom Norwood (M60)
World O ChampsSWERob Plowright (9th,Relay)Nicki Taws (11th,Relay)Karen Staudte (Reserve)Dale and Blake Gordon (Managers)
1990AUS/NZ - Hovel TourVICNicki Taws (W21A)Andrew Campbell (M45A)Shirley Viner (W45A)
1991AUS/NZNZLHeather Bice (W40)
World O ChampsCZERob Plowright (17th,Relay) Nicki Taws (10th,Relay)Karen Staudte (Physio)
Junior World O CGEREmily Viner (11th,Relay)Sarah Campbell (Manager)
1992Vet World ChampsTASRose Campbell (6th,W45)Dale Ann Gordon (11th,W50)Chris Norwood (15th,M35)
Junior World O CFINElsie CampbellEmily VinerRob Plowright (Coach)
1993AUS/NZ - YorkWADale Ann Gordon (W50)
Rob Plowright (M21)
Heather Bice (W45)
Elspeth Campbell (W20)
Shirley Viner (W45)
World O ChampsUSAEmily Viner (13th,Relay)Nicki Taws (36th;13th,Relay)
Junior World O CITAEls Campbell (23rd,Short-O)
1994World Cup-BallaratVICEmily VinerNicki Taws (10th,Short-O)Els Campbell
Vet World ChampsSCOTShirley Viner (16th,W45)Heather Bice
1995World O ChampsGEREmily Viner (25th,Short-O)12th,Relay)
AUS/NZACTDale Ann Gordon (W50)Shirley Viner (W50)Heather Bice (W50)
Vet World ChampsSPATom NorwoodLesley Norwood
1997World O ChampsNOREmily Viner (6th,Relay) Nicki Taws (6th,Relay)Karen Staudte-Assist.Manager
AUS/NZNZLTom Norwood (M65)Lesley Norwood (W55)
World Masters ChampsUSADale Ann Gordon (7th,W55)Blake Gordon (M55)
1998IOF/OA CommitteeFINBlake Gordon (MTB-O Comm)
1999VOA MTB-O SurveyVICRob PlowrightSRV Map Grant - Blake Gordon
2000World Masters ChampsNZLDale Ann Gordon (W55)Blake Gordon (M55)
2001AUS National CoachAUSRob Plowright
2002World MTB-O ChampsFRAEmily Viner (Silver, Long-Dist)Grant LebbinkBlake Gordon (Manager)
World Masters ChampsAUSAnitra Dowling (W50A,2nd)
2003AUS/NZL MTB-O ChallengeAUSKen Dowling (CS)Dale Ann Gordon (EO)Emily Viner (Women Open, 1st)
2004World MTB-O ChampsAUSEmily Viner (5th LD, 4th MD)
Grant Lebbink (Reserve)
Blake Gordon (Event Director)
Richard Bice (Ceremony, PA)
Mark Valentine (Transport)
Tom Norwood (Bike Transport)
Dale Ann Gordon (Training Camp)
Dick Barker (Infrastructure)
Ian Chennell & Terry Haebich (SI)
2005World Masters ChampsCANDale Ann Gordon (W60)Blake Gordon (M60)Karen Staudte (3rd,W35)
2006World Masters ChampsAUTGeoff Lawford (6th, M50)Tom Norwood (M75)Chris Norwood (M50)
World MTBO ChampsFINGrant Lebbink (select/no go)
2007Oceania MTBO ChampsAUSStephen Balharrie (MOpB - 1st Sprint, 1st Middle)Dale Ann Gordon (W60+ - 1st Sprint, 1st Middle, 2nd Long)Blake Gordon (M60 - 2nd Sprint)
Junior WOC - DubboAUSBelinda Lawford (W-20)
Oceania OCAUSBelinda Lawford (W17-20)
Aislinn Prendergast (W17-20R)
Geoff Lawford (M50)
Roch Prendergast (M50)
Chris Norwood (M50)
Jenny Bourne (W45)
Dale Ann Gordon (W65)
2008Junior WOCSWEAislinn Prendergast (W-20)Belinda Lawford (W-20)
2009Oceania OCNZLAislinn Prendergast (W17-20)
Junior WOCITAAislinn Prendergast (W-20E)
World Masters (WMOC)AUSJenny Bourne (W50-) GOLD
MEDALS (Sprint & Long)
Anitra Dowling (W60-) BRONZE
MEDAL (Long)
Dale Ann Gordon (W65-)
John Erwin (M55-)
Geoff Lawford (M55-)
2010JWOCDENBelinda Lawford (W-20E)Roch Prendergast (Coach)
2011WOCFRAAislinn Prendergast (W21-E)
JWOCPOLRoch Prendergast (Coach)
Belinda Lawford (W-20E)Ian Lawford (M-20E)
2012JWOCSLORoch Prendergast (Coach)
Ian Lawford (M-20E, 20th Sprint Champs)
WOCSWIAislinn Prendergast (W-21E) 14th Long Distance Qualifier
Aislinn Prendergast (W21-E) 35th Long Distance Final
WMOCGERGeoff Lawford (M55A)Jenny Bourne (W55A)Judy Prendergast (W55A)
2013Oceania OC NZLGeoff Lawford (M55 team)
Jenny Bourne (W55 team)
Ian Lawford (M-20E team)
Aislinn Prendergast (W21E team)
Chris Norwood (M55 team alt)Roch Prendergast
Judy Prendergast
John Erwin
JWOCCZERoch Prendergast (Coach)Ian Lawford (M-20E)
Long Distance
Sprint Distance
WOCFINAislinn Prendergast (W21-E)
Long Distance Relay
2014Oceania MTBO ChampsAUS - Alice Springs NTDale Ann Gordon W70-
2 Gold (Middle and Sprint)
1 Bronze (Long)
Harrison Keeble (3 Gold)
Blake Gordon M70-
1 Silver (Middle) 2 Bronze (Long, Sprint)
WMOCBRA Jenny Bourne W60 - GOLD Medals in Sprint and Long Distance
2015Oceania OC TasmaniaJenny Bourne and Geoff Lawford - Trial Course Runners
World MTBO MastersPortugalTony Keeble (M40- )
SILVER Medal, Mixed Relay
WOCScotlandIan Lawford (M21-E Sprint)
WMOCGothenburg, SwedenGeoff Lawford (M60- Sprint) - GOLD Medal
2016WMOCTallinn, EstoniaGeoff Lawford (M60-Sprint) SILVER Medal
WOCStromstad, SwedenAislinn Prendergast (Sprint)
Ian Lawford (Sprint)
World Student ChampsBelinda Lawford
2017WOC EstoniaBelinda Lawford
WMOCAuckland, New ZealandGeoff Lawford (M60- Sprint) GOLD Medal
Jenny Bourne (W60 Sprint) GOLD Medal
Dale Ann Gordon (W75- Sprint) BRONZE Medal
Oceania OC Auckland, New ZealandBelinda Lawford (W21-)
Ian Lawford (M21-)
Geoff Lawford (M60-)
Jenny Bourne (W60-)
Dale Ann Gordon (W75-)
AUS / NZL ChallengeWingello, NSWBlake Gordon (AUS M70 team)
2018WOCLatviaBelinda Lawford
2019Oceania OCACT, NSW, VICJenny Bourne (W60 Team)
Geoff Lawford (M60 Team)
2020No International Travel due to COVID-19
2021No International Travel due to COVID-19