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“Mosquito Flat” – Maryborough – first used for the 2004 World MTBO Championships Relay Finals. Relatively flat with intricate track networks.

“Glenluce” – near Castlemaine, first used for the 2002 World Masters Games Orienteering Championships. Spur-gully terrain with some mining detail.

“Creswick¬†Diggings” – Complex MTBO track networks.

“Mt Beckworth” – Complex granite features on a demanding ridgeline. The 2006 Vic Long-Distance FootO Champs were held here, and the 2008 Eureka Challenge NOL Badge event.

“Victoria Park” 1:7,500 scale – parkland just south of Sturt Street in the city of Ballarat. Flat and open street/parkland terrain.

Eureka Map Library Catalogue

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The club also has a stock of older paper maps, which are maintained by Heather and Richard Bice.

Current as of 17 June 2013

Paper Map Library Catalogue - Revised January 2009, Heather and Richard Bice
Digital Map Library Catalogue - Revised June 2013, Ian Chennell
Map NameLocationYearQuantity

Foot O Maps - Paper

BuninyongUnion Jack1994500
Canadian1976, 19842
Canadian Forest1990250
Canadian North20051
Chinaman FlatLinton1995600
Chinaman FlatLintonA4, 2001200
Don't Wake Em Gully20011
Glenluce South2002 (World Masters)640
Kurucaruc Creek1979100
KurucarucContour Only40
Mt Beckworth1990300
Mt Doran19911100
Mt Helen198727
Nerrina - Nuggetty Gully20071
Petticoat Gully199450
Slaty Creek1984Used Maps Only
Union Jack1984100
Victoria Park19837
Victoria Park198720
Victoria Park2006 (Deaflympics)350
White Swan / Nerrina1994100 + Cut Maps
White Swan / Nerrina1999350
Yarrowee Pines10

MTBO Maps - Paper

Bull Gully WellsMaryborough20069
Creswick Forest200554
Mosquito FlatMaryborough20067

Primary School Maps - Paper (B&W)

Alfredton (2006)Ararat North (2006)Bungaree (2005)Buninyong (1984)
Canadian Lead (1997)Clunes (2005)Creswick North (2005)Little Bendigo (2004)
Miners Rest (2004)Mt Blowhard (2005)Mt Pleasant (2005)Yuille (2005)

Street-O Maps - Paper(B&W)

Ballarat North (1984)Ballarat West (1983)Buninyong Town (1984)Magazine Hill (1984)
Map NameLocationScale
Print Scale]
Last Updated

Foot O Maps - Digital

Ballarat UniMt Clear1:40002012
Blowhole / Tipperary Springs / RodoniBasalt / Daylesford1:150002006
Canadian ForestCanadian1:10000
Canadian Forest NorthCanadian1:7500
A4 Portrait
Canadian Forest SouthMt Clear1:10000
A4 Landscape
Don't Wake 'em GullyDaylesford / Hepburn Springs1:100002001
GlenluceGlenluce / Castlemaine1:15000
Jointly held area with Nillumbik Emus ex WMOC 2002
Glenluce NorthGlenluce / Castlemaine1:10000
Can use with Nillumbik Emus permission
Glenluce SouthGlenluce / Castlemaine1:10000
Nillunbik Emus can use with Eureka permission
Kurucaruc CreekEnfield / Little Hard Hills1:10000
Lake EsmondCanadian Lakes1:20002012
Linton State ForestLinton1:100002005
Mt BeckworthMt Beckworth1:100002006
Mt DoranMt Doran1:150002008
Nerrina - White SwanNerrina1:10000
Surface Hill
Victoria ParkBallarat City1:50002007
Yuille HomesteadSebastobol1:50002010

MTBO Maps - Digital

Brandy HotBasalt1:250002005
Bristol HillMaryborough1:50002012
Canadian ForestCanadian1:125002013
Creswick ForestCreswick1:200002008
Lal LalLal Lal / Yendon1:250002007
Linton State ForestLinton1:200002009
Mosquito Flat-Bull Gully WellsMaryborough1:15000
Joint map area with Nillumbik Emus
Mt DoranMt Doran1:150002010
RodoniBasalt / Daylesford1:25000
Joint map area with Bayside Kangaroos ex 2004 WMTBOC
Sulky TrackBasalt / Daylesford1:20000
ex 2004 MWTBOC