The AGM for 2009 finally is history after being shifted from December. And what a day it was…for the Prendergasts, Haebichs, Christophers, Jones, Valentine, Gordons, Dicksons, Johnson, and Norwoods.

Kicked off with three cross-country courses set by Roch from 11.30 on a map that had minimal fieldwork – but gave maximum enjoyment as our rusty navigation was tested in the new area. The Dickson boys went straight to the dam to test for fish and yabbies!

Then it was down to the business of eating – always a special feature of Eureka meetings – with BBQ Master Mark dealing out the sausages and burgers to compliment the salads and sweets that everyone brought to share.

The next item on the agenda was a Blake’s twelve-question quiz on 2009 Eureka Events. Mark topped the scoring with 225, followed closely by Dale (175), Monica (95), Tom (80 to match his age!) and BJ (30).

The AGM business – Monica’s Secretaries and Blake’s Treasurers Reports and Mark’s President overview of the year was followed by the election of officers. Elected were Mark Valentine (President), Roch Prendergast (Secretary), Blake Gordon (Treasurer) and Tom Norwood (Public Officer). Russell Burke was appointed new Paper Map Archivist (after Richard and Heather Bice relinquished the position after 15 years), and Ian Chennell (Webmaster and Digital Maps). The executive are looking for a Vice-President and contributor to the webpage information.

Memberships are up for renewal (still only $10 per family) – click on and go to the membership page.

Next big event will be the Eureka Challenge/NOL Sprint/NOL Relay and SS#1 Short Course for all age classes at Bryce’s Flat, Hepburn Springs on Sunday March 7th. Course planner Roch, Event Adviser Chris Norwood and Organiser Blake welcome your return email (to indicating you are willing and able to help out on the day. There will be enough jobs to go around for the parking, start, finish, results, control pick up and toilet hauling. A draft roster will be in the next newsletter in the last week of February – so please plan to be there and let us know soon!

Cheers, Blake