Hi all Thought I should catch up with a few noteworthy honours that Eureka members featured in this last week. With winter fast approaching it is time to reflect on what was accomplished in 2013 – and what we have set ourselves for 2014 and 2015. 1 2013 Victorian State Series Champions. At the VOA AGM on Friday 23 May four EU members won 1st place awards. Aislinn Prendergast (W21A/E), Dale Ann Gordon (W70A), Chris Norwood (M55A), and Ian Chennell (M45-54AS) were presented with commemorative glass tumblers. The 2013 Victorian MTBO Series winners from EU received their commemorative plaques earlier with Declan Dickson (M-16), Monica Dickson (W40-), Dale Ann Gordon (W70-) and Blake Gordon (M70-) our winners. With changes to the 2014 foot-o awards to have female and male winners of the 8 courses, the pool of winners will be reduced to 16 (rather than the 35 in 2013). After Sunday’s event at Chewton Eureka members in the top 15 after 6 events include Course 1- Ian L (13th); Course 2 – Aislinn (2nd), Lian P (7th), Roch (7th), Rod G (12th); Course 3 – Jenny B (4th), Anitra (8th); Course 4 – Blake (9th), Judy (8th); Course 5 – Dale (8th), Course 7 – Madeline C (8th), Course 8 -Tsegii C (4th). Check the Results page on the VOA website and look for the tab to the 2014 Vic Bush Series (on Eventor). It was good to see the Perry’s and the rest of the Prendergast family. Rod Gray’s partner Tsegii Choijinsuren attempted her first course with success. But the juniors – Darren Gray’s family, the Ovendens and young Gordons – did not get to Chewton. Perhaps local events during the winter will entice them to local orienteering. 2 Eureka was ranked 4th in the 2013 Rockhopper Standings (behind BG, MF and BK) with 1696 points. Our other surprise honour came when the final two races in the “2013 Sprint Into Spring Series" and the 2013 Victorian Sprint Champs (three events in less than 24 hours!) were judged as the best organised events of 2013. Another of our other big 2013 events – Day 1 of Easter we shared with BG – got the prize for the best set courses of the year. Congratulations to Daryl Fleay (BG) who worked so well with Jenny and the EU/BG team to stage a good start to Easter. 3 2014 Victorian Middle and Long Championships. Eureka is sharing these big events with BG this year. Jim Russell and Neil Barr are the course planners with Jenny and Geoff as the Organisers. Check the notes from the May Eureka Committee meeting on our webpage for details. More at the June meeting at Eastwood Leisure Complex – our home base in downtown Ballarat. 4 2015 Australian Championships. The Dr Blake theme for these events has really taken off – accepted by all at Easter as a novel twist. Now we are into the details of venues, permits, mapping, course planning and all the other details that make for a successful carnival. Contact Mark Valentine if you want to be more involved in the ongoing planning – there is much work to be done. 5 2014 Australian MTBO Championships in Alice Springs. So far over 100 are entered – with Harrison and Tony Keeble, Dale and Blake Gordon carrying the Eureka flag in mid-June. The website is linked to the VOA page so check out the awesome tracks/terrain around Alice that greets our fabulous four (wish there were more) from Ballarat. _______________________________________________ allmembers mailing list allmembers@eurekaorienteers.asn.au https://eurekaorienteers.asn.au/mailman/listinfo/allmembers_eurekaorienteers.asn.au