aMAZEing Ballarat Number 10

This year we linked the event with the 162nd celebration of Eureka Day, and were fortunate to be able to start the event at the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka (M.A.D.E.).

This location looked a picture early in the morning on Saturday, but was soon forgotten as competitors started counting bonnets in one display or words from famous speeches in another, before trekking up the hill to the Eureka Stockade Monument and running along the famous Troopers Trail in Specimen Vale.

Once these elements were completed it was down into the city for the rest of the challenges which included a blindfolded walk through a “minefield”,  a test of nimble fingers making bead spiders, and a return to the classroom situated in the Town Hall to make words from the letters of aMAZEing Ballarat.

Balladonors who raise money for Cancer Research via the Relay for Life Program were the main beneficiary again and Eureka Orienteers are proud to be able to make a donation of $1000 from this year’s event and a small corporate one held last week.

The other group who received an early Christmas present were the Ballarat Community Garden, who had a box of gardening gloves and hats delivered courtesy of the competitors.

As this was the 10th anniversary of this event, Eureka Orienteers manipulated the classes to be sure that all went home with one of the coveted mugs.  Special mention for the Girls team who scored the maximum number of points including pick-ups on the bonus sections.


The Orienteering Serious Contenders  POINTS The Non-Orienteering Serious Contenders  POINTS
1. The Magpies 957 1. The Girls 983
2=. Geoff and Jenny 945 2. The Boys 949
2=. Rod Tseggi  n James 945 3. The 3 Amigos 935
3. I thought you said left 869
The Newcomers The Non-Orienteering Strolling Regulars
1. Team Stevens 847 1. The Hawkers 856
2. Action Jacksons 801 2. Two Saints +1 830
3. Limophie 761 3. Walkie Talkies 692
 And the Juniors & Others
 1. The Fluffheads  899
 2. Delicious Daryl  785
 3. Josh and Thomas  642