Happy New Year to all of you.


It’s time to start thinking about our next BUNS series which we hope to run in Feb and March on Thursday evenings. Of course, to do that we need people to organise the events. Are YOU able to do this?

Our proposed dates are 8th and 22nd  Feb and 8th and 22nd March, venues to be decided.


One event is already “taken”. Rod will organise on 8Th March in Nerrina area.


If you are willing and able to do one of the others, at a venue of your choice, please let me know soon. As I said, we can’t have a series unless we have people willing to think about where to put the tapes and then to put them out. Assistance can be provided to anyone with any difficulties or concerns about the process. It really isn’t too difficult.


It would be good to get organisers and venues sorted out now so that we can advertise the series and,  hopefully, attract some new participants.


Please let me get some emails in reply!








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