Last week we had a Bonus BUNS organised by James at Fed Uni. He did a really good job of attracting new faces from the community there and wrote the following report:


Weather recovered from the early showers today with a challenging course around the University and Technology Park area with a good mixture of urban and semi-urban bush controls on an unseen section of map! the A3 extended from bell avenue to geelong road and covers IBM, SRo and FedUni with a lot of historical Features.


Do you manage to find the historic bridge, Culvert, and various Mining features?

A lot of seasoned orienteers took on a bit of Tutoring with some newcomers, but other newcomers went out by themselves and absolutely smashed it. There was a 
secret message in the results that two newcomers managed to solve before they got around even the first few controls I believe, but they still managed to continue to collect a few controls.
Everyone hung around for a few snacks and a chat about the course.

Of course the Controls up on the hill slowed down a few, but not David who smashed the course in 34 Minutes.

No deductions for points this week, because James was feeling nice 🙂


Name Points
Michaella 210
Lucas 210
Anita 130
Doug 130
Yvonne 110
Meghan 100
Freya 100
Elizabeth 130
Gary 190
April 130
Olivia 190
BJ 130
Rod 210
Stephen 230
Blake 230
Penny 80
David 300


Thank you to James for organising this and for attracting so many newcomers. We hope we shall see many of them again.



The next BUNS event is tomorrow at Nerrina- meet in a picnic shelter off Ainley Rd, near it’s junction with Hillcrest Rd. Mass start time is 6pm. Rod has been working on an extension of the existing map so we will be visiting some new territory.


Orienteering events that are coming up in the local area and may be of interest are:

A  weekend of MTB-O (this is mountain bike orienteering) in Creswick  (Long-Sat, Sprint, Middle Sunday) 17th march-18th march. Give it a go!

And the Eureka Challenge on Mount Beckworth the following Weekend 25/3 Sunday.

These events are open to all- experienced or not. Ask us about them if you are interested.


See you all tomorrow





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