Our most recent BUNS event was held last Thursday in fine weather (Jenny’s skill in getting the weather right is improving!) in the green and leafy suburb of Lake Gardens with an extension into the playing fields of Prince of Wales Park. (Map attached).


It was quite tricky to work out an “efficient’ route with several outlying checkpoints and others in “dead ends” requiring an out-and-back trip to get to them. Perhaps a good route would go

1-9-7-18-10-4-12-13-2-11-20-8-19-17-6-15-5-16-3-14.  #16 was a very unpopular point, as was #10.    #11 enticed some people (the dog had to be carried!) to try the stepping stones through the pond.  The consensus seemed to be that it was a good challenge to find a satisfactory sequence of checkpoints, so the brains were exercised too.



With the end of daylight saving, our next BUNS will have to be on the weekends. We are looking at having the events on Sundays with a mass start at 4pm.

Tentative dates for these events are

Sunday  8 April

Sunday 29 April

Sunday 13 May

Sunday 27 May.

Note that there is a 3 week gap between the first and second events, and a 2 week gap between the others. This is because of clashes with scheduled orienteering events.


Of course, to have these events we need people to organise them. So I am asking for offers from people willing to arrange an event. Assistance can be given if you have never organised a BUNS event before. You can choose the venue you prefer. We now have many parts of Ballarat covered by BUNS style maps, so there would be a venue close to where you live.


We urgently need someone to do the 8 April event as it is only in 12 days time. Can anybody help?????? I am unable to do either the 8 April or 29th April so will need some volunteers.


Please direct all offers of help to me at gjlawford2@bigpond.com Thank you in anticipation.


I’ll let you all know if this event will go ahead.






Results for BUNS 22 March Lake Gardens:


Peter                     160 points        45 mins

Aaron +1+dog      170                    48mins

Blake                     150                     32mins

BJ                           130                     44mins

Karen and Mark  180                     46mins

Warwick               190                     42mins

James                    200                     44mins

Geoff                     200                     42mins

Gary                      140                     41mins

Mark and Pepe   140                     40mins

Mike and Angela 170                    42mins

David                     200                    31mins


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