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Subject: New OV Social Media Officer


Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to give people a heads up about the new role I’ve taken on with OV. I’m now coordinating the various aspects of social media and helping to give OV a more active presence in these areas. The main goals of this will be to promote OV to potential newcomers and to present the outside world with an image of just how good our sport is. Also part of this will also involve sharing news and interesting things from within our community. Initially I’ll mainly be using Facebook and Instagram (as well as the OV website) but we are also looking at expanding to other platforms in the future. I just wanted to let the community know about all of this and to also ask for a few things: 

·  If you know of something interesting that’s going on that you think the wider community could be interested in, please let me know (eg. a club member reaching a significant milestone, a new mapping project, an interesting training session, some other news from Australian/International orienteering). I can’t guarantee that I’ll post everything but I’d love to hear any ideas people have. 

·  In the lead up to events that have the potential to be attractive to newcomers, I’ll be creating Facebook events for these. I’m happy to do this (I’m working on a standard format for them that gives consistency and the kind of information that newcomers need) but if you’re organising an event and can give me things like map samples, photos from the terrain, tips about good coffee shops near the event, etc. that’d be fantastic! Once I make these event pages, I can much more easily promote it (including with paid ads which OV receives funding for) as well as building a bit of hype/excitement before the race. 

·  Please engage with the OV social media pages (and encourage your club mates to also do so)! The more people that like/comment/share- the more we can spread the word about how good Victorian orienteering is! It also has the potential to be a great environment for respectful discussion about the sport.

One other thing is that as part of this role I’ll also be editing the weekly bulletin. Nothing too much should change as a result, it’ll just be a different person replying if you do submit news to it. 


Thanks so much and please feel free to forward this on to anyone within the community. 


Looking forward to hearing from people soon,