Hi all

Over the past few months we’ve been talking about the need for new running tops for Eureka. Now before we go any further, I need a bit of guidance with what you members want. I took several styles out to the Argyle Dam event today (thank Roch and Robbie for a great event & before the rains came!).

If we want tops to be ready, ordered, printed and on your bodies before the end of September we need some design ideas. Part of the discussion at today’s event centred on the colour of the tops, long or short sleeve, and what designs and words to be printed on them. 

I’ve found a podium team wear shirt (www.jbswear.com.au) – L/S Poly Tee Kids and adults (sizes from S to 5XL) the is light, cool, flexible when stretched, and comes in long or short sleeves. Several people today said they’d like a long sleeved shirt (could have been the cold weather??) that could be printed on front and back (not the sleeves – that requires the shorts to be specially made up) with words and designs. Having talked to a manufacturing outlet in Ballarat, he said that colours of the logos, words and designs show up best on white (they are part of the fabric – not ‘iron ons’  like the Dr Blake logos we had in 2015).

So it’s over to you – just send me (after looking at the product on the web) ideas for …

– what designs – ie. Eureka 8-pointed stars – like the Eureka flag; rippling flag
– what words – ie. Eureka Orienteers, Ballarat, Australia; orienteers run the country
– what logos – ie Eureka logo with orienteering flag logo
– what colours – orange, blue, black, red, yellow
– what shirt – long or short sleeves
                  …YOU would like to see on the final product. Then I’ll send those away to a graphic artist who has done this kind of work before (Peter Cusworth, BK) and get some design options.

Please send them to blakegordon1@bigpond.com so we don’t get too much internet traffic in the next few days.