I will be running a basic local training event on the Mt Beckworth map this Saturday (2nd October). 

Starts from 10.30-12.00. 

PLEASE EMAIL ME on that you intend to attend, and what time you would like to start, as there must be no more than 10 people starting together. If more than ten are expected at a time, I will reply and suggest a different time.  If you are running late on the day, please text me on 0418366210, so that maximum group limits are not exceeded.

There will be 2 courses, a long of approx. 5km, and a short approx. 3km.

Start will be at the pine plantation at the southern end of the map (Coutts Rd)

It is likely to be quite wet and slippery out there after the forecast rain, so please take care.

Feel free to invite any other regional Victorian orienteers who are able to attend within the current COVID travel restrictions.


Please scan in on arrival with the QR code, and maintain the usual COVID protocols at the training event.


Hope to see you there.


David Brownridge