Chris Norwood (M45A)* (77 points out of possible 80); Tom Norwood (M75A)*(78 points); Belinda Lawford (W-16A) (69 points); Aislinn Prendergast (W-18A)* (40 points); Anitra Dowling (W35A)*(66 points) and Jenny Bourne (W45A) (80 points!!!) look well placed to win their individual classes.*Repeat winners from 2005. But other ‘Eureka stars’ are close to topping their classes – Roch (M50A), Terry (M55A), Ian Chennell (M35AS), Blake (M60A), Dale (W60A), Julie (W19AS), Russell (M45B), and Ian Lawford (M15AS). So with 3 events to go get behind your club (and your personal goals) and have a go at Mt Tarrengower, Sailor’s Falls and Mt Beckworth.