DSE Thank You for Wombat Cleanup

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Dec 292006

A Thank You letter from DSE to all club members who participated in the recent Wombat State Forest Cleanup is here:

Letter from DSE 2006

Lawford Girls Win BSF Scholarships

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Dec 202006

Julie (17) and Belinda (15) Lawford will get financial assistance toward travel, accommodation, coaching and uniforms for orienteering from the Ballarat Sports Foundation. Thirty-two talented sportswomen and men were rewarded with scholarships – fourteen different disciplines sharing $10,000 to assist sporting development in country Victoria. Well done girls, may 2007 be another successful year for our talented Eureka juniors – Julie, Belinda, Aislinn and Ian.

Vale Jenni Jamieson

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Dec 152006

It is always very difficult to report sad news, especially the loss of a member of our orienteering family. Eureka Orienteers is saddened to report that Life Member and long-time Club Secretary Jenni Jamieson passed away on 14 December 2006, after a courageous battle with cancer. Her input to and enthusiasm for our club, and for orienteering in general, will be very sorely missed.

In spite of her health, Jenni held the position of Eureka’s Club Secretary, a demanding and important role, right up to late October, putting out newsletters, organising club social events, and generally keeping the membership up with event organisation matters through our Mt Beckworth and Linton Championships commitments. Jenni was also noteworthy in her enthusiasm for organising orienteering for school-age youngsters, particularly where she taught at Sebastopol Secondary College, but also for other schools in the Ballarat area through annual events held in Victoria Park.

Eureka’s deepest sympathies go to Jenni’s family, friends and students. As fellow orienteers, we will always carry her bright spirit with us whenever and wherever we have the good fortune to take up our maps and compasses.

Eureka AGM the hottest of our 31 years!

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Dec 122006

Eureka started the year with a total fire ban at The Blowhole in early March – and finished 2006 with another “TFB” for the AGM at Brown Hill Reserve in Ballarat East. Plans for a novelty relay around the reserve were postponed due to the high temperatures (hottest day for 53 years) – so we did a “food relay” up and down to get a great selection of salads and desserts! The juniors took the opportunity to get a swim at the recently-reopened Brown Hill pool – while the ‘oldies’ held the AGM under the rotunda at the east end of the reserve.

The 2007 Eureka Executive was elected: Mark Valentine (President), John Erwin (VP), Jenny Bourne (Secretary), Blake Gordon (Treasurer). Positions of Responsibility were confirmed: Russell Bourke (Equipment); Ian Chennell (Digital Maps); Tom Norwood (Public Officer); Heather and Richard Bice (Paper Maps); Lesley and Tom Norwood, Glenda Norwood, Helen Haebich and Maureen Christopher (Cake Stall); Blake Gordon (Media/News/Publicity); Jenny Bourne (Schools Liaison); Warwick Williams (Ballarat Series Coordinator); Ian Chennell (Webmaster); The Lawford family, Roch Prendergast/Rob Plowright (Course Setters); Terry Haebich, and Chris Norwood (Event Advisers), VOA Rep (TBA), MTB-O Course Setters (TBA).

The prestigious “Stuff Up of the Year Award” was shared between Russell Bourke (Kaleidoscope Construction Award), John Erwin (Kenny Award) and Tom Norwood (Where the Hell are the Badges Award).

Merry Christmas to all, and Bring Orienteering On in 2007!

The Norwoods Win 2006 VOA Service to Orienteering Award

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Nov 192006

Eureka won seven 2006 State Series Awards at Hanging Rock today. The parade of EU talent started with Aislinn, and then in order Tom, Blake, Roch, Jenny, Anitra and finally Chris, who all won “stained glass” orienteering control awards. These were crafted by Karena Last, Jonathan’s partner and Finn and Huon’s mum.

But the surprise of the day was the announcement by VOA President Ian Dodd of the “2006 VOA Service to Orienteering” Award, which went to Chris and Tom Norwood for their contributions to the success of the 2006 Australian 3-Days Orienteering Carnival, held around Harcourt and Castlemaine over Easter this year.

Services to O

2006 Linton MTB-O Sets High Standards for 10th MTB-O Championships

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Nov 172006

The long-distance courses (set by Emily Viner, now living in Canberra) were challenging; the map symbols were up-to-date thanks to Dick Barker and Lindsay Thomas (TK); the organisation (by Eureka) was first rate; the weather (forecast for rain – but it came the next day) was cool, sunny and dry; the competition was hot with several classes decided by less than 2 minutes; the food (by Linton PS Parents and Friends) was terrific – particularly the jelly slices (and they made over $320); the badges were colourful (first time for Vic MTBO); and 18 keen newcomers (mostly children at the Linton PS) rode Course 6 and had a lot of fun!

Particular thanks must go to Allan McKinnon, Linton PS Principal, for letting us use the grounds of the beautiful country school for the start/finish. Special thanks to Emily Viner (EU) and Dick Barker (Event Adviser) for excellent courses, Lindsay Thomas (TK) for his expert OCAD work making the courses ready to print, Helen Schofield (NE) for running the start, Russell Bulman (YV) for result slats, David Elms for organising us, and to all the Eureka Orienteers who gave of their time and expertise on the day. Ian and Terry did their usual sterling job with the results – so fast were they that results were on the Vic webpage and EU webpage before some riders in Melbourne got home!

Finally take a look for your digital photo on the Roving-i Digital Photography website and order one of yourself in action!

Eureka Web Forum Now Available

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Nov 032006

The website now has a Forum available, based on the popular freeware YaBB2 Bulletin Board package, that will allow members and friends to join up and post news and articles of interest. Click here to access the forum, register yourself, and try it out. This will likely take a bit of tuning to get working smoothly, so if you have suggestions and feedback, please let me know at webmaster@eurekaorienteers.asn.au.

Primary School Orienteers Bring Rain to Ballarat’s Victoria Park!

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Nov 022006

Over 140 keen young primary students from Yuille PS, Mt Pleasant PS, Miners Rest PS and Grevillea Park PS braved the rainy weather – and celebrated by running/walking several courses in Victoria Park from 10 to 12 noon today. Jenny Bourne set six courses of between 9 and 11 controls each which started and finished at the north end of the park near the bbq and amenities shelter. A good roll up of Eureka volunteers including Richard and Heather, Hank, Helen and Geoff, Roch, Russell, Helen Reavey, Blake and Jenny made the best of the much-needed rain by encouraging pairs of students to do 2 or 3 courses. The only problem was once you were wet – you needed to keep moving so as not to get cold! Several students from Mt Pleasant were most helpful at the start and all the teachers ran an efficient finish. Comments like “Did you see that – water running in the gutters!” and “I got lost in a big puddle about half-way around” and “It is misting in the finish tent – it must be a sun shade” made the organisers laugh and showed the students learned more than how to find controls.
The improved safety of children crossing the numerous roads in the park was a feature of the event. The Ballarat City Council’s steel gates/barriers, which sealed off the park roads for two hours, were used for the first time. Despite some ‘teething problems’ with the gates, Principal Peter managed to get the gates closed for the two hours. Thanks to the City Council for giving us the opportunity to use the park in safety – and in return we provided the rain to ‘green up’ the area for future sport events this spring!

A Swag of Badges for Eureka Runners at Mt Beckworth

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Oct 242006

Despite being the organisers of the 2006 Victorian Lon-Distance Championship, Eureka claimed 13 badges at the prize ceremonies. First place badges: Belinda Lawford (W17-20A), Jenny Bourne (W45A), BJ Johnson (W45+AS), Judith Staudte (W45+B), Ian Lawford (M17-20AS), Stephen Balharrie (M21+B), Ian Chennell (M35-44AS), Geoff Lawford (M50A) ; Second Place: Roch Prendergast (M50A), Anitra Dowling (W35A), Tom Norwood (M75A); Third Place: Dale Ann Gordon (W60A), Aislinn Prendergast (W17-20A). With beautiful weather, few glitches, excellent courses (thanks to Chris and Terry) and good help from all club members, what took two days to set up (controls were set and checked on Friday and Saturday by Blake and Terry, while Russell, Mark, John and Warwick set up) was all packed up and back in the Eureka store at the YCW clubrooms by 5.15pm Sunday. Thanks to everyone it was a memorable Vic Champs – one of our best events in years!

Eureka Wins 8 ‘Orienteer of the Year’ Awards

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Oct 242006

With a slashing finish at the 2006 Middle-Distance and Long-Distance Championships, eight of Eureka’s finest scored enough points to win their respective age classes over the 13-event state series (8 best to count). So the winners will be Aislinn Prendergast (W18A, 57pts), Anitra Dowling (W35A, 76pts), Jenny Bourne (W45A, 80 pts), Warwick Williams (M35A, 70pts), Chris Norwood (M45A, 77pts), Roch Prendergast (M50A, 66pts), Blake Gordon (M60A, 68pts), and Tom Norwood (M75A, 80pts). And for the historical record this was Chris’s 14th OY title, with Grandpa Tom collecting his 13th title, Roch his 6th OY award and Aislinn her 3rd win. Best of the Senior Women remain Shirley Viner (9 OY wins), Dale Ann Gordon (9 OY wins) while in the Juniors Kylie Braszell and Lian Prendergast claimed 4 titles each and Andrew Norwood won 3 OY’s.