On arriving at Lake Esmond at noon on Sunday, one might have thought there was a footy match on. Parking was at a premium as 36 Eureka members indulged in the end-of-year BBQ and AGM! The day will be remembered for 1) record numbers at an AGM (thanks to 7 Dicksons and 4 Blooms – new 2007 members – and our regulars), 2) Mark’s bbq skills and the outstanding spread of salads and cakes, 3) the election of the 2008 executive – Mark (President), John (Vice-President), Monica (Secretary), Blake (Treasurer), 4) Tom’s Stuff Up awards to Eureka Cake Stall (leaky softdrink dissolves the trailer), Aislinn (the Tim Dent “no compass” award), John Erwin’s “Bravery Award” for the 4th November event at Bostock which went ahead despite appalling weather, and an award to Dr. Geoff Lawford’s family, leaving Ballarat for Canberra (temporarily – until Geoff retires) so that other members can win awards! Mark presented Ian Chennell with the Inaugural Jenni Jamieson Award for ‘Outstanding Services to Orienteering’ as we all reflected on Jenni’s dedicated service to the club. We talked, swatted flies, talked some more, ate and laughed some more and enjoyed the cool temperatures and breeze (a real change from 35 degree heat of 2006). Happy holidays to all – and particularly to the loveable Lawford family who return to Canberra in late January. Photos from the AGM are in the 2007 photo gallery.