Eureka AGM the biggest ever!

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Dec 092007

On arriving at Lake Esmond at noon on Sunday, one might have thought there was a footy match on. Parking was at a premium as 36 Eureka members indulged in the end-of-year BBQ and AGM! The day will be remembered for 1) record numbers at an AGM (thanks to 7 Dicksons and 4 Blooms – new 2007 members – and our regulars), 2) Mark’s bbq skills and the outstanding spread of salads and cakes, 3) the election of the 2008 executive – Mark (President), John (Vice-President), Monica (Secretary), Blake (Treasurer), 4) Tom’s Stuff Up awards to Eureka Cake Stall (leaky softdrink dissolves the trailer), Aislinn (the Tim Dent “no compass” award), John Erwin’s “Bravery Award” for the 4th November event at Bostock which went ahead despite appalling weather, and an award to Dr. Geoff Lawford’s family, leaving Ballarat for Canberra (temporarily – until Geoff retires) so that other members can win awards! Mark presented Ian Chennell with the Inaugural Jenni Jamieson Award for ‘Outstanding Services to Orienteering’ as we all reflected on Jenni’s dedicated service to the club. We talked, swatted flies, talked some more, ate and laughed some more and enjoyed the cool temperatures and breeze (a real change from 35 degree heat of 2006). Happy holidays to all – and particularly to the loveable Lawford family who return to Canberra in late January. Photos from the AGM are in the 2007 photo gallery.

Eureka! Echos at the Vic Long-Distance Champs

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Oct 212007

Eureka competed the double Vic Champs with resounding success AGAIN! The Lawfords again ‘quadrellaed’ the golds in M16A (Ian), W17-20A (Belinda), W45A (Jenny) and M50A (Geoff) – what a fantastic two days they have had! First placings to Dale Ann (W65A), Anitra (W35A), Judy (W50+AS), Tom (M75A), Chris (M45A) delighted the crowd – and got a mention from the commentator (“another Eureka winner”). Russell (M50+B), Roch (M50A), Aislinn (W17-20A) scored second place badges. That’s a total of 12 badges – out of 17 Eureka entries – not a bad winning ratio! So with better than 125 Rockhopper points – added to yesterday’s 130 – it should keep our second place, but probably not impact on the big club Nillumbik lead. The results should be on the VOA website mid-week so watch this space. We celebrated by eating what was left of the cakes and then loaded up the result boards on the newly-designed sweets trailer rack (thanks to Tom) for the trip back to Ballarat – and a rest until aMAZEing and Bostock on the first weekend of November!

Eureka Top Club at Vic Middle Distance Champs

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Oct 202007

Eureka really raised the flag today with nine first place finishes (Anitra D, Jenny B, Geoff L, Belinda L, Ian L, Dale Ann G, Chris N, Judy P, and Hugh D), four seconds (Aislinn P, Russell B, Ian C, Tom N) and one third (Roch). It was great to hear the Eureka voices raised as in one class after another club members took top places. The cake stall sold out; the weather was perfect; our new member Hugh Dickson won at his first Vic Champs (only his third event); the only slight negative was that three of the officers – Mark, John and Blake – could not score places! But hope springs eternal – and we’ll back at it tomorrow at Spring Gully in the Vic Long-Distance Champs.

aMAZEing Ballarat

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Aug 232007

You’ve seen The Amazing Race on TV, and we’ve all wondered how Phil Keoghan landed his job as host, right…? Now, for those of us who have always wanted to have a go at something like it, reserve Saturday 3 November in your diary, get a team of 2 to 4 people together, and join Eureka Orienteers and McCallum Disability Services for aMAZEing Ballarat!! Information and online entry can be found from our Entry Forms page.

Eureka Moves Up a Notch

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Aug 152007

Results on the VOA webpage confirm EU in SECOND PLACE in the Rockhopper Trophy competition after Round 6. Well done to the 18 members who drove to, competed and enjoyed the Mia Mia event! With a year-high 134 points we closed the point gap to Nillumbik by 30 points and went past Yarra Valley into 2nd place. Great effort everyone – but we need more efforts like that at Franklin Gorge on the 9th September. I have looked back over the records and find Nillumbik scored over 200 points twice when they had 30+ runners. So if increased numbers help to “win the day” – we can do it! The mathematics are simple – run your “A” course and score 10 down to 1 for the first 10 places in your age class. With “AShort” courses – points start with 6 points for 1st and so on down to 1 for 6th. With “B” course it’s 3, 2, 1 for the first three places. So the trick is to run/walk your course consistently – and the points will add up at Franklin Gorge on September 9!

Also that weekend – 8 and 9 September – is the Victorian Club Relays. Eureka will pay for all entries – seniors and juniors – but we need to know if you will be available on Saturday (as well as Sunday for Rockhopper points). Relays are great fun – and a good chance to meet the new people in the club. Bendigo is running them this year, so allow about an hour and a half drive. Franklin Gorge is about 1 hours drive from Ballarat. Let Blake know if you wish to be popped into a relay team in the next fortnight (Click Here) and he will do the rest. We already have some “winning” W21, M40-50 and M-14 teams selected in draft. Who could beat Belinda, Jenny and Aislinn in W21, Chris, Roch and Geoff in M40-50, and Ian L., Mitch Gee and Hugh Dickson in M-14!

Club Membership Coup!!

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Jul 302007

Eureka numbers increased by nine yesterday when the Dickson Family from Magpie (in Ballarat) joined up at the local series event at Hepburn West. Welcome to Timothy and Monica, their six boys (Thomas, Conor, Hugh, Declan, Clancy, Geordie) and daughter Maeve (just 2 years old). If anyone has any used O-gear for kids, I’m sure the Dickson family would be pleased to try it on at the Mt Doran event on the 26th August. Hugh (M-12) and his mother Monica did courses yesterday – we hope the whole family will make a day of it at Mt Doran.