Dear Eureka,

I thought that I would get back to you a bit faster today with the results of the Long Distance.

Laurina had by far the best run and placed 25th, which was brilliant. Bridget had a steady run and placed 52nd. The other girls unfortunately made some errors: Krystal placed 89th, Rachel 96th and Belinda 98th.

In the boys, all put in fairly steady runs, Nick being the best in 89th. Leon came in a very fast time but unfortunated missed his punch on a drinks control.

I had a very steady run, making hardly any mistakes but being very hesitant. I drew for 48th place.

It continues to be very sunny and hot here, and the competiton is very exciting, with of course the Swedish taking many of the podium positions. We are all looking forward with excitement and anticipation to the Relays tomorrow which should be great fun and a chance to work together and show the world how good we Aussies are!

I will try my best to get back to you tomorrow after the relay.

I hope I find you all well,