2008 AGM at the Gong

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Dec 102008

Over 25 club members enjoyed the 2008 AGM festivities at the Gong – right next to the Melbourne Demons Footy Club meeting! “Relay cooking” – from the gas bbq to the wood-fired grate to the plate – was the first activity.

Reports from Monica (Minutes of 2007 meeting), Mark (President), Blake (Treasurer) were made and confirmed. The next item was the election of office bearers for 2009 with Mark (President), Roch (Vice President), Monica (Secretary), Blake (Treasurer) and Tom (Public Officer) elected. Positions of responsibility were confirmed: Richard and Heather (map store), Russell (equipment), Terry (VOA rep), Ian C (webmaster), schools liaison (unfilled).

Then the “punching control stands” relay won by the Dicksons (Monica, Declan and Hugh), followed closely by the old guys (Chris, Tom and John), with Dickson Team 2, Ernie’s mob, and the Farhall girls close behind. Fantastic EU sweets were consumed with glee following the relay.

Stuff up of the year awards were made by Tom to John Erwin (Worst Weather Organiser at Nerrina), Warwick (Windy Canopy Flight at Kurucaruc), and Glenda (One Small Step in Qld – one long recovery) with honourable mentions to Chris (Attack Point in the USA) and Mark (Valentine lost in the Grampians). Dale presented the Cake Stall with the “badge bunting” from past stuff ups; Blake played Santa with carafes, cloth bags, and glasses awarded to each family.

The Jenni Jamieson Award – a beautiful wooden and lead-light trophy crafted by Jonathan and Karena – was presented to the Eureka Cake Stall for 2008.

2008 was certainly the “Year of the Event” with Eureka staging 3 “double-header” events at Mt Beckworth (NOL and SS2), Nerrina (Vic MTBO Middle and Sprint Champs) and University of Ballarat (Vic Foot-o Sprint Champs and Campus Challenge)- finishing the 2008 season with the AMAZEing/Cyclic Navigator weekend. Bring on 2009 and the Xmas 5-Days!

Award for Mark Valentine

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Jul 182008

Eureka President Mark Valentine has won a national award for his services to basketball administration. Congratulations Mark from all in Eureka!!

Mark Valentine Award

Message from Aislinn at JWOC

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Jul 062008

Dear Eureka,

I thought that I would get back to you a bit faster today with the results of the Long Distance.

Laurina had by far the best run and placed 25th, which was brilliant. Bridget had a steady run and placed 52nd. The other girls unfortunately made some errors: Krystal placed 89th, Rachel 96th and Belinda 98th.

In the boys, all put in fairly steady runs, Nick being the best in 89th. Leon came in a very fast time but unfortunated missed his punch on a drinks control.

I had a very steady run, making hardly any mistakes but being very hesitant. I drew for 48th place.

It continues to be very sunny and hot here, and the competiton is very exciting, with of course the Swedish taking many of the podium positions. We are all looking forward with excitement and anticipation to the Relays tomorrow which should be great fun and a chance to work together and show the world how good we Aussies are!

I will try my best to get back to you tomorrow after the relay.

I hope I find you all well,


Message from Aislinn at JWOC

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Jul 052008

Dear Eureka,

Again I hope everyone is well at home and that everything is going along well in the club! Sorry about being so late in writing, we have been very busy! It’s pity that it’s so cold at home; it has been about 30 degrees here for the last two days!

On Wednesday we competed in the Middle Qualification, at Änggårdsbergen, a fairly steep, thick and very technical map not too far from the centre of Gothenburg. The event centre was in a shooting range on the eastern edge of the map and the start was to the south. We all had fairly early starts; as we are put into heats, they are able to start 3 girls or 3 boys at the same time.

We were all very happy to see Bridget come down the finish chute in a fast 28 minutes in heat C and make it through to the A final. Laurina had a reasonable run, as did Krystal, but both just missed out on making the final.

Unfortunately it was to be another disappointing race for me. My SI card was pulled off my finger by a bush on the way to the 1st contol, and after spending about a minute looking for it, I panicked a little and was slow finding the control. I then lost about 2 minutes at 5 when I ran over the top of the control and then another 2 in my route choice to 6 (straight through a deep marsh!). The rest of my controls were fairly clean but I missed out on the A final by 58 seconds.

Very sadly for Belinda, her control was number 36 and was in a parallell gully to number 46, and she mispunched. However the rest of her run was not too bad and luckily she has many more JWOC middle distances to look forward to.

On Thursday, though all of us but Bridget were running B and C finals, we were determined to have fun and hopefully cheer on Bridget to a good position in the A final.

We did not all have the best runs, but were perhaps less frustrated than the previous day. Rachel ended up 5th in the B final and I was 14th. Nick Andrewartha took out 3rd in the boys C final. My run again had two big errors but they were more quickly resolved. The courses today were, if possible, even more technical and difficult, forcing concentration to the end.

Bridget came in a very good 28th place out of the 60 in the final and was happy with her run except perhaps with the last control which I admit was pretty difficult to find!

Today was our rest day and we used the time to catch a ferry out to one of the islands in the Gothenburg Archipelago. The beaches were perhaps not quite as we envisioned (we were expecting the brilliant Aussie beaches!) but it was still quite scenic and the water was pleasant, if a little shallow.

We are all hoping to have a good day tommorrow in the big physical and mental challenge that is the long distance race.

It is good to hear from you, I will be sure to keep in touch with updates from the long and relay!

I hope I find you all well,

Aislinn Prendergast

Message from Aislinn at JWOC

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Jul 012008

Dear Eureka Orienteers,

I hope all is well back in sunny Australia. It has been getting warmer here and I have actually been wearing shorts today which is wonderful!

As you know I spent last week in Molndal at what I discovered was actually the IK Uven clubhouse. It was a very nice clubhouse with a sauna (as most seem to have) and it was also located on a fairly challenging map which was good for some practice jogs.

We spent Thursday doing some challenging Middle Distance training on a map called Jonsered Norr. There are many cliffs here, and if they are marked on the map you would be very hard pressed to get up or down them, which makes route choice very important. On Friday we ran a sprint training race.

Saturday was spent sightseeing in Göteborgstad (Gothenburg City Centre), where we went to the Museum and learnt all about the Vikings and such.

On Sunday the Australian Team moved into the JWOC accomodation. We are staying on a military medical base which is on the coast, next to a town (or suburb) called Saltholmen. There are some wonderful views from the top of the hill and the area has also been mapped which is good for some practice running! The Australians are staying in the best accomodation which is nice, we are on the same level as Denmark and we share a building with the Swiss and I think the Canadians?

Yesterday was the first day of competition; the sprint. A day of drama! Laurina Neumann left behind her electro-chipped number and was unable to start, Leon Keely snapped his compass early on in the course but luckily still finished. It was very exciting and a new experience with the silent start and the gate which opens to start your time running. There were not so many people around as in the sprint at Dubbo Zoo, which I was grateful for as I am easily distracted!

Unfortunately, I did not have a very good run, losing 1 min 30 on one control and a few seconds on others, putting me in 95th. However many of us had steady runs, with Bridget getting 49th, Belinda 57th and Rachel 71st. In the boys, Lauchlan Dow had a fairly good run, putting him I think in the 50s.

A Danish girl called Emma Klingenberg, who is only 16, was the winner of the women’s competition, while Stephan Kodeda from Czech Republic took out the mens.

Last night was the opening ceremony, which was held at Liseberg, one of the largest amusement parks in Europe. We were all allowed free entry and rides which was wonderful! The ceremony was short but interesting, incorporating a performance from a Gothenberg band, who’s lead guitarist won the JWOC long distance in 1987.

Today we will make our way to the model event.

I hope I find you all well and I will keep writing!

Aislinn Prendergast

Easter at Dubbo Aislinn and Belinda have been selected in the JWOC Australian Team to Sweden!

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Mar 242008

The JWOC team is:

Bridget Anderson (QLD)
Rachel Effeney (QLD)
Belinda Lawford (ACT)
Krystal Neumann (QLD)
Laurina Neumann (QLD)
Aislinn Prendergast (VIC)
1st Reserve-Jess Davis (TAS)

Nick Andrewartha (TAS)
Lachlan Dow (ACT)
Bryan Keely (VIC)
Leon Keely (VIC)
Oliver Mitchell (QLD)
Oscar Phillips (TAS)
1st Reserve-Geoff Stacey (ACT)

Other outstanding EU results – and former Eureka’s on loan to ACT – saw Jenny Bourne take 1st in W50 by a massive 33 minutes, Geoff Lawford 1st in M50 by 17 minutes, Roch Prendergast 4th in M55, Anitra Dowling 4th in W35A, Judy P 7th in W45AS, Ian Lawford 2nd in M-16, Terry Haebich (23rd) and John Erwin (27th) in M55A, and Tom Norwood 6th in M75A.

St James Sebastopol enjoy O

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Feb 272008

Hi Blake,

I’m sorry it has taken so long, but I would just like to say thank you for the fabulous experience our students had orienteering at the end of last year. They spoke about it in a very positive manner after they came back to school. You and your team organised the day extremely well and it would be great if you could also pass on our thanks to them. Once again, we really appreciated your effort and expertise. All the best for 2008.

Joe Radojevic, Saint James Sebastopol