Hi all

Only two weeks to go to the biggest event of the season for Eureka – the Australian Schools Individual Champs at Brown’s Reef (just west of Bendigo) and the Mid-Week Match Race Mayhem. Thanks to Ken Dowling (Worldwide map printing guru) we already have the beautiful maps for both events two weeks before the event!

I have just about completed the roster for the Tuesday 29th September event, but several of you have not responded to my calls for help. So far I have positive responses (+ area they will be working in at this point) from the following members. You will be able to have a run in the pm – so make it a day out and make the day a resounding success

Set up on Monday 28th Sept (from 11 am)           Blake Gordon, Warwick Williams, John Erwin, Dandenong Ranges (TK,CH) team

Checking/Setting Controls                                  Chris Norwood, Evan Barr (BG)

Pick up Toilets/Sun Shades                               Warwick, Blake, John                

Tuesday Roster

Schools Liaison at Registration              Judith Staudte, Lesley Norwood, … and others needed

Parking                                                 Russell Bourke, John Erwin … and others needed

Start (morning) Aus Schools                  Mark Valentine, Geoff Lawford, Jenny Bourne, Judy Prendergast, Anitra Dowling

Results (morning)                                  Two people needed

Start (afternoon) Match-Race                 Dale Gordon, Tom Norwood, Chris Norwood …and others needed

SI Finish                                               Ian Chennell, Aislinn Prendergast, Warwick Williams, Dale Gordon

SI Finish (after 1 pm)                             Ian Chennell, Ian Lawford, Belinda Lawford

Commentary                                         Blair Trewin, Bruce Arthur, Bruce Paterson, Blake Gordon, …. and others needed

Victorian Team Coach (all day)               Roch Prendergast

I have not heard from Peter Jones, Stephen Balharrie, Mick Mutton, Dicksons, Blooms, Haebichs, Christophers, Bices, Kelly Stock, Heather Grenon, Hayden Lebbink and several others. Please email me on eurekao@tpg.com.au and help us on the day (or the day before or the day after). I’ll send a more detailed roster on Thursday after I’ve heard from you.

Because the Australian Schools Relays and Goal Fever will use some of our controls and the entire set-up of tents, sun shades and signage, we will not be able to pack up until Wednesday afternoon. Blake plans to bring the loaded Eureka trailer up to Bendigo on Monday morning and return on Wednesday afternoon to be unloaded about 5.30 on Wednesday at the 6 York Street store. So that’s the plan.

WORKING BEE at the ELC – this Saturday, 19th September 9.15 to 11.30am . We need to dig some narrow ditches before the slab can be poured. So bring shovels, and related digging gear with you.

Cheers Blake