Hi all

Today’s 3-event menu served up by Roch and Chris seemed to satisfy the elite’ appetite for tough course and an exciting mixed relay in the challenging goldfield terrain in the Bryce’s Flat and the Blowhole. It is the last big event for the club this year as the EU executive has decided that local events and school development will be the emphasis for 2010. Special thanks to all club members who made the big effort today – Roch, Judy and Aislinn Prendergast, Chris and Glenda Norwood, Dale and Blake Gordon, Richard and Heather Bice, Tom and Lesley Norwood, Ernie and Maureen Christopher, Helen and Terry Haebich, Ian Chennell, Peter Jones, Warwick Williams, Ken Dowling, Geoff, Ian and Belinda Lawford, and John Erwin. We did get some special help from Jim Russell (controls and stands from BG), the Sunleys (tent pitching), Kevin Maloney (signs) and all the enthusiastic runners on the day. Sure there were some stuff ups and lack of this or that on the day – but we seemed to solve most problems that always occur when it rains! Enjoy your Monday holiday – while we unpack the wet gear at the club store.