aMAZEing Ballarat – Event Report and Results

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Dec 072015

ablogoaMAZEing Ballarat 2015Eureka Logo

On a fine, clear day in Ballarat on Saturday 5 December, 18 teams tackled the 9th Annual aMAZEing Ballarat. This year’s event was reduced to 3 hours, but this still had most teams busy throughout discovering back streets and little known facts about this historical city.

Teams were caught off-guard this year, when their first task had to be completed before they left the start area and without the use of their mobile devices. Most discovered that they didn’t know Victoria as well as they thought, as they had to place 10 ‘smallish’ townships onto a blank map of the State. Although one team did get all correct, but it did have a Forester in its midst!

There was also a guesstimate exercise on the course this year with teams having to estimate the number of smarties in a jar. A few teams got within 5% of the correct total which was a great result considering there were 852 in the jar.

Target shots with a tennis ball proved something of a challenge for a few of the teams, and the location of Adam Lindsay Gordon’s Commemorative statue stumped some as well – perhaps they were looking for a figure or a bust, when they should have been looking for a horse!

When the time came for the usual handout of prizes and all the calculations had been completed, the real winners again were the local fundraising group for Cancer Research, the Balladonors (who will be presented with a cheque for $1000 this week), and the beneficiaries of the ABC Giving Tree program, because 18 gifts were added to the pile in the local ABC Radio station.

Final scores

Group One “The Serious Ones”

  1. Archie’s Avengers 780
  2. Segrodjengeo 770 }
  3. The Magpies 770 } (Teams 2,3,4 separated by finishing time)
  4. Team XY 770 }
  5. I thought you said left 740

Group Two “The Street O Visitors”

  1. No Clue at All 750
  2. Totally Clueless 740
  3. Albacutya 670
  4. Haven’t a Clue 655
  5. Team Xiaoping 475

Group 3 “Local Knowledge”

  1. Team XX 750
  2. Happy Feet 730
  3. 2 Saints 500
  4. Fluff Heads 440

Group 4 “The less Experienced”

  1. Walkie Talkies 690
  2. Wisejacks 650
  3. Sarah & Ivan 640
  4. Adventure Time 490

Seventh aMAZEing Ballarat Report and Results

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Dec 092013

Seventh aMAZEing Ballarat

7 December 2013

Report and Results

On a beautiful day in Ballarat, 21 teams took to the streets and parks for the 7th Annual aMAZEing Ballarat to raise funds for Ballarat Health Services and the Balladonors, who support Relay for Life.  Many of the regular teams had one thing in mind – “how to knock off the Magpies?”  Their husbands even entered a team this year in an endeavor to sabotage their performance but to no avail, the champion girls won again.

The clues had most scratching their heads early on, but soon all headed out to play a game of Mollky – a Finnish stick game, attempt to estimate the weight of a gold specimen in troy ounces, row the Olympic course on Lake Wendouree on a rowing machine, scout for photographs around the city, play scrabble in the Titanic bandstand, and even visit a tattoo parlour for a stencil.

As usual the organisers, Mark and Blake, invented some reasons for classes and were able to distribute many of the now famous mugs, which allow winners to declare themselves truly aMAZEing.

In addition to supporting two main causes, more than 15 plum puddings will be donated to Breezeway who feed many of the homeless in Ballarat all year round, and a host of raffle tickets have been collected, which if any happen to win will give Balladonors a chance to raffle the prizes again.

Eureka Orienteers are very grateful for the volunteers who manned the activities and the business owners who so readily agreed to be part of this year’s event.  Don’t forget the event will be on again in 2014, mark the first Saturday in December in your diary now.

2013 aMAZEing Ballarat Results


Pushers and Kids

Place Team Score
1 Noah’s Team 812
2 Epic 642
3 Balazantine & Bub 622
4 Nuts 584
5 WWIN 471



Place Team Score
1 The Magpies 928 1st Overall
2 Trece 856 3rd Overall
3 I thought you said left 832
4 Noname 812
5 Spinning Wild 532


Melbourne +

Place Team Score
1 3Ps & Her 780
2 Dos 719
3 Cruise Control 704
4 BK Roo 448
5 Albacutya 283


Best of the Rest

Place Team Score
1 Ash Craven 895 2nd Overall
2 Team W 782
3 Where are we exactly 723
4 Don’t confuse me with directions 629
5 2 Saints & Magpie 393
6 Ryan & Pope 292


BSC Event Results Wednesday 11 September 2013

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Sep 172013

Ballarat Secondary College
Year 9/10 Outdoor Adventures
Lake Esmond 1:3 000 map
1.30-2.50 Wednesday 11/09/2013

Course 1 – 12 controls 2.5 km

1 Jake and Brad 13.17
2 Connor and Ike 16.02
3 Hugh and Jonah 17.22
4 Rhylee and Connor 19.18
5 Hannah and Shania 20.44
6 Joanne and Danielle 32.52

The best group on this course since we started orienteering at Lake Esmond in 2010 – excellent
effort from the whole group !

BSC Event Results Friday 13 September 2013

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Sep 132013

Ballarat Secondary College
Friday, 13 September 2013
Canadian Forest North
Weather: Cool but dry

Course 1: 3.5 km

1 Brad and Jake 23.07
2 Mr O’Callaghan 26.56
3 Hugh B / Rhylee F. 32.20
4 Jo, Dani & Shania. 34.26
5 Scott and David. 46.36
6 Jonah & Hannah (all but #1)
7 Connor and Ike (4 out of 9)

Good results in real bush setting
where route choice by tracks or
cutting thru bush were options.
Hope to see several at mtbo
Saturday (1 pm) week at Pax Hill.

Results – Local Event #4 – Cotty Creek – 11 August 2013

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Sep 092013

Results from Cotty Creek (Creswick/Slaty Creek) 11 August 2013
Organiser/Course Setter: Chris Norwood

Course 1
Course 2
Course 3
Course 4

Results – Local Event 3 – Black Hill – 21 July 2013

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Jul 312013
Ballarat Local Event #3 - 21 July 2013
Black HillFootO
Scale1:10 000, 5 m contours
Course SetterWarwick Williams
OrganiserWarwick Williams
WeatherClear & cold (Ballarat Airport daily max 4.4 degrees)
Course 15.9 kms (15 controls) HardClubTime
1David BrownridgeBGV50.19
2Jim RussellBGV56.01
3Laurina NeumannBGV67.24
Course 24.5 km (12 controls) Hard
1Louis CameronBGV53.38
2Andrew CameronBGV58.51
3Blake GordonEUV68.30
4Roch PrendergastEUV70.47
5Darren GrayEUV73.37
6John ErwinEUV77.40
7Judy PrendergastEUVDNF
Course 33.8 kms (7 controls) Moderate
1Benjamin GrayEUV50.48
2Peter JonesEUV51.46
3Patrick GrayEUV54.01
4Connor Ovendennone126.00
Course 42.1 kms (6 controls) Easy
1Eleanor WilliamsBGV54.00
2Molly Ovendennone75.23

Results – Local Event 2 – Little Bendigo – 23 June 2013

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Jun 232013
PlaceSurnameFirst nameTime
Course 1
Course 2
4BalharrieStephen & Adrian69:38
5ValentineMark & Andrew86:43
Course 3
2GordonDale Ann78:09
Course 4

Results – Local Event #1 – Nerrina North – 26 May 2013

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May 292013
Ballarat Local Event #1 - 26 May 2013
Nerrina NorthFootO
Scale1:10 000 5 m contours
Course SetterJenny Bourne
OrganiserJenny Bourne
WeatherOvercast & cold
C16.0 km (19 controls) Hard
1Bryan KeelyBG37.16
2Leon KeelyBG41.09
3David BrownridgeBG41.3
4Jim RussellBG43.56
5Geoff LawfordEU53.24
6Laurina NeumannBG54.14
7Simon RouseDR60.14
8Chris NorwoodEU65.05
9Roch PrendergastEU72.73
10Mark ValentineEU117.42
Aislinn PrendergastEUDNF
Ernie ChristopherEUDNF
C23.5 km (12 controls) Hard
1Blake GordonEU45.51
2Sue KeyMFR48.05
3John ErwinEU65.49
4Judy PrendergastEU69.5
5BJ JohnsonEU127.27
C33.0 kms (9 controls) Moderate
1Darren GrayEU40.32
2Dale MarshEUNTR
C42.2 km (7 controls) Easy
1Benjamin GrayEU35.41
2Dale Gordon & HelenEU40.24
3Patrick GrayEU45.31
4Ian & Madeleine ChennellEU50.28

aMAZEing Ballarat 6 – Report and Results

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Dec 022012

6th aMAZEing Ballarat 1 Dec 2012 – Event Report

27 intrepid teams took to the streets and parks of Ballarat on Saturday in near perfect weather to contest the 6th annual aMAZEing Ballarat, run by Eureka Orienteers.

One aspect was familiar, the start/finish point at the Ballarat Community Garden, but the rest remained a mystery until the start whistle was sounded.

Half the group were off to see if they could send a bowl within a meter of the kitty at the Victoria Bowling Club, while the others got stuck into clearing long grass at the Garden and gathering it into stooks. From there on the teams were able to choose their own order and try to outwit a boardgames master at a games shop, haul a ship’s rope 50m, make an origami box and work out a series of photo points.

As well they were kept busy amongst other puzzling matters trying to discover where was the “bunny-hop” line, Nag’s Head and Pencilmark Lanes, a Botanical Garden in the CBD and how many moustaches were being sported by a First World War division who had their photograph hanging in the RSL.

Not only were the competitors having a great time but they had at the same time raised around $1000 which was turned into sports and camping gear which was donated to Berry St, to allow them to run enhanced programs for Adolescents at Risk in the Ballarat community.

The organisers always look to find new ways of grouping the teams to spread the treasured aMAZEing prize mugs amongst the groups and this year was no exception. There was the Berry St Challenge for the staff competing from that institution, the Braggers Cup for the experienced/fit and serious, the Strolling Bone for the amblers, the SI Trophy for the orienteers and the Shepherd’s Pie for those leftover from the organiser’s classifications.

Winners were – Berry St A in the Berry St Challenge, The Mapgpies in the Braggers Cup, Ains and Pete in the Strolling Bone, I thought you said left in the SI Trophy and OnesNthrees in the Shepherd’s Pie.

AMAZEing Ballarat 7 will be on again on the first Saturday in December in 2013. Mark it in your diary now.


Berry St Challenge
Berry St A ​237.56​ 820
Berry St B​ 218.57​ 645

The Braggers Cup
The Magpies​ 237.03​ 875
Beep Beep Zip Tang​ 220.19​ 865
Life’s Swell over Bell​ 224.51​ 840
BalANZACtine ​221.01​ 830
XAXA​ 236.38 ​810
Slow Pokes​ 218.08​ 655

The Strolling Bone
Ains & Pete ​238.26​ 825
Stop Turning the Map​ 236.15 ​765
Witches in Britches​ 240.00 ​700
The Blackinerneys​ 233.42​ 605
Blak Cats​ 234.58​ 585
We’ll Just Follow Them​ 240.00​ 535
3 Saints & A Magpie​ 208.18​ 480

The SI Trophy
I Thought You said Left ​229.37​ 875
2Ps No Pod​ 238.24​ 785
The New Old ​230.12 ​820
Team JAG​ 220.45 ​785
Collins Class ​231.39 ​720
Starlight​ 233.33​ 695
Bismarck​ 236.26​ 595

The Shepherd’s Pie
OnesNthrees​ 231.43 ​950
The Clowns ​236.48 ​870
Nuts​ 221.18 ​845
TIZ​ 230.23​ 715
Cruise Control​ 230.19​ 690

Damascus College Orienteering – Inaugural Aislinn Prendergast Challenge Cup

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Nov 302012

The following article appears on Page 4 of the Damascus College Newsletter No 38 of 28 Nov 2012 (click to open):

Damascus College Newsletter No 38 – 28 Nov 2012 – Orienteering Article

2012 Results:

YearBoys SoloGIrls SoloMixed Pairs
20121Anthony Kearle18.051Ryley Nagell21.371Maddie Gay
Saxon McDonald
2Heath McLennan18.342Laura Hodder27.59
2Rachael Beardall
Daniel Mroczkowski
3Tom Corden18.483Georgia Schreenan29.003Devi McCartin
Jai Jamieson