Although it bucketed down midway through this event, all teams made it to the finish on time and with smiles entrenched upon their faces. It is to be hoped that most will return to have a go at our major event on December 4.

Many thanks are extended to the Eastwood Leisure Complex, the Games Cove, the Athletes Foot, Messer and Opie and to Blake, who manned the activity in the most exposed site and could not escape a drenching.

Nothing hung upon the results but for the record they are published below. (Max score was 800, within 150min)

1. R & R 800points 92min
2. Martin 800points 98min
3. Mandy 800points 126min
4. Mould 800points 147min
5. Kennedy 780points 121min
6. Carmen 780points 135min
7. GROW 780points 147min
8. Greenslade 510points 123min
9. Deaf Social 440points 127min