AGM is now at Eastwood Leisure Centre, starting at 12 Noon for lunch with meeting to follow.


Members – particularly those who have responded as attendees for the AGM on Sunday. (Gordons, Christophers, Prendergasts, Bices, Dicksons, BJ, Norwoods(presume). NB Blake and I will determine after being in the bush tomorrow morning at Maryborough whether we should be in the bush at Smythesdale considering the conditions forecast for Sunday.

If we decide that it is OK, we will not have a run however and just have a picnic at the dam from 12 noon. Club will provide cold chickens rather than BBQ.

Conversely if we decide that we should not be in the bush, the AGM will move to the Eastwood Leisure Complex (in the fenced grass area) from 12 noon and again it will be chickens.

Either way you will get an all-members e-mail on Sat afternoon confirming the final details.