Eureka News – late April 2013

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Apr 232013

Hi all

The busy month of April is rapidly coming to a close for Eureka – and what a finish it promises to be !

1 Macedon Pines (State Series #2) The club was pretty well represented by 14 runners at Macedon and despite shorter than normal courses most found the change to pine forest orienteering interesting – if a bit easy compared with the first two round in the granite of Mt Baw Baw and our own Mt Beckworth. Eureka scored 88 points (only two off our Mt Beckworth total). Our new member Dale Marsh ran two courses and really seems to have the navigation skills on maps that will assure good results in the coming months. A blast from the past – Hayden Lebbink – now living in Macedon was not sure he’d remember how to navigate but (you never forget how to orienteer) ran well to take third in M21A. The Gordons sporting new SI10 cards were second fastest on their courses – was it the new sticks?
Eureka did purchase 10 new SI10 cards for the Ultra Long to assist the elite who needed sticks that would hold 65 controls (the SI10’s hold 131 punches), but due to a sudden rush of interest – the new sticks are selling like hotcakes. Harrison (M-12) and Tony (M40-) Keeble bought 2, Tom Maher (M-14) 1, Declan Dickson (M-16) 1, Gordons 2, Haarsma 1, and Bice 1 – that leaves 2 left for sale @ $60 they are a bargain. First in get the last two – let Blake know by email.

2 2013 Victorian MTBO Championships this weekend in Castlemaine and Nagambie Eureka will be well represented at the Vic MTBO titles this
weekend with 7 riders in each of the three events. Watch for good junior results from Declan (M-16), Harrison (M-12) and Tom (M-14) while
the parents – Monica W40-), Tony (M40- and Michael (M40-) are definite place-getting possibilities. Veterans Anitra and Ken Dowling and Dale
and Blake Gordon should take their share of the podium positions. Attendances are up by over 20% for the Castlemaine events, but the Whroo
Long Distance is about 10% down on last years’ Joyce’s Creek event. With several late entries from Braemar College expected these races
could see increased participation from juniors. How can we encourage this junior participation – and develop strategies to maintain it? Any
ideas – send them along to the next Eureka meeting – Monday May 13th at the ELC at 7.30pm.

3 Result Boards take up “Permanent Residence” in Melbourne Our heavy Velcro attachment result boards that have become a Eureka focus point
for fast results since 2004 have moved south to Melbourne on “permanent loan” to Bayside Kangaroos. They have been replaced by the two TV
screens that Ian has engineered to produce electronic on-the-spot results. A light-weight velcro and corflute board system may replace the old
velcro system – but must be small enough to NOT require a trailer to carry it.

4 Watch this space for some local training events – discussed at the April Eureka meeting – as we enjoy the crisp mornings of autumn and trust that the winter showers are not too much disincentive to get out in the forest.


Training this Sunday 9 Dec 10am at Slatey Creek

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Dec 062012

This week, Sunday December 9, the information is as follows.

Start is at 10:00am and will be signposted from here ( ).

Travel along Bungaree – Creswick Rd and turn into Slatey Creek Rd. Travel about 600m to assembly.

Cost is $5:00 per individual and $10:00 per family.

Please contact me on or 0417423846


aMAZEing Ballarat 2012 Photo Gallery

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Dec 022012
Cake Stall
Cake Stall
The Eureka cake stall reborn at the 2012 aMAZEing food tent (our new eazy-up shelter) personed by no less that Leslie and Tom Norwood.
Berry Street Gear
Berry Street Gear
Mark surveys the camping and sporting gear purchased from the 2012 aMAZEing entries for the work with adolescents that Berry Street centre does.
Berry Street B
Berry Street B
The Berry Street B team calculate and plan where to go next from the start at the Ballarat East Community Gardens.
The Bismarck team – Erica, Janet and Rachel Johnson (NE) – turn in their grass bundles before heading off into Ballarat East.
Jenny and Geoff Lawford turn in their “stooks” to start the 2012 aMAZEing race.
Mark harvests the stack of stooks to add to the vacant bed for composting.

aMAZEing Ballarat 6 – Report and Results

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Dec 022012

6th aMAZEing Ballarat 1 Dec 2012 – Event Report

27 intrepid teams took to the streets and parks of Ballarat on Saturday in near perfect weather to contest the 6th annual aMAZEing Ballarat, run by Eureka Orienteers.

One aspect was familiar, the start/finish point at the Ballarat Community Garden, but the rest remained a mystery until the start whistle was sounded.

Half the group were off to see if they could send a bowl within a meter of the kitty at the Victoria Bowling Club, while the others got stuck into clearing long grass at the Garden and gathering it into stooks. From there on the teams were able to choose their own order and try to outwit a boardgames master at a games shop, haul a ship’s rope 50m, make an origami box and work out a series of photo points.

As well they were kept busy amongst other puzzling matters trying to discover where was the “bunny-hop” line, Nag’s Head and Pencilmark Lanes, a Botanical Garden in the CBD and how many moustaches were being sported by a First World War division who had their photograph hanging in the RSL.

Not only were the competitors having a great time but they had at the same time raised around $1000 which was turned into sports and camping gear which was donated to Berry St, to allow them to run enhanced programs for Adolescents at Risk in the Ballarat community.

The organisers always look to find new ways of grouping the teams to spread the treasured aMAZEing prize mugs amongst the groups and this year was no exception. There was the Berry St Challenge for the staff competing from that institution, the Braggers Cup for the experienced/fit and serious, the Strolling Bone for the amblers, the SI Trophy for the orienteers and the Shepherd’s Pie for those leftover from the organiser’s classifications.

Winners were – Berry St A in the Berry St Challenge, The Mapgpies in the Braggers Cup, Ains and Pete in the Strolling Bone, I thought you said left in the SI Trophy and OnesNthrees in the Shepherd’s Pie.

AMAZEing Ballarat 7 will be on again on the first Saturday in December in 2013. Mark it in your diary now.


Berry St Challenge
Berry St A ​237.56​ 820
Berry St B​ 218.57​ 645

The Braggers Cup
The Magpies​ 237.03​ 875
Beep Beep Zip Tang​ 220.19​ 865
Life’s Swell over Bell​ 224.51​ 840
BalANZACtine ​221.01​ 830
XAXA​ 236.38 ​810
Slow Pokes​ 218.08​ 655

The Strolling Bone
Ains & Pete ​238.26​ 825
Stop Turning the Map​ 236.15 ​765
Witches in Britches​ 240.00 ​700
The Blackinerneys​ 233.42​ 605
Blak Cats​ 234.58​ 585
We’ll Just Follow Them​ 240.00​ 535
3 Saints & A Magpie​ 208.18​ 480

The SI Trophy
I Thought You said Left ​229.37​ 875
2Ps No Pod​ 238.24​ 785
The New Old ​230.12 ​820
Team JAG​ 220.45 ​785
Collins Class ​231.39 ​720
Starlight​ 233.33​ 695
Bismarck​ 236.26​ 595

The Shepherd’s Pie
OnesNthrees​ 231.43 ​950
The Clowns ​236.48 ​870
Nuts​ 221.18 ​845
TIZ​ 230.23​ 715
Cruise Control​ 230.19​ 690

Training this Sunday 2 Dec 10am at Basalt (near Daylesford)

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Nov 302012

Hi All.

The next instalment of Sunday training will be held this Sunday 2nd of December, near Daylesford.

Training starts at 10 am, $5 per person or $10 per family.


From Daylesford, drive towards Creswick/Ballarat on the Midland Hwy.  From Ballarat, drive north to Creswick, then turn right/east to drive towards Daylesford on the Midland Hwy.

At Basalt (about 6km west of Daylesford), turn north onto Basalt Road.  At the O sign, follow the indicated road for 6.5km to the Start Area.  There’s not enough signs for every track intersection on the way in, but the major ones will be marked.

Please email me on or phone 0417423846 if you are attending so that I can organise maps.

Thank You

Roch Prendergast

Damascus College Orienteering – Inaugural Aislinn Prendergast Challenge Cup

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Nov 302012

The following article appears on Page 4 of the Damascus College Newsletter No 38 of 28 Nov 2012 (click to open):

Damascus College Newsletter No 38 – 28 Nov 2012 – Orienteering Article

2012 Results:

YearBoys SoloGIrls SoloMixed Pairs
20121Anthony Kearle18.051Ryley Nagell21.371Maddie Gay
Saxon McDonald
2Heath McLennan18.342Laura Hodder27.59
2Rachael Beardall
Daniel Mroczkowski
3Tom Corden18.483Georgia Schreenan29.003Devi McCartin
Jai Jamieson

Training this Sunday 18 Nov 10am at Smythesdale

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Nov 152012

Sunday Training and Coaching

Sunday will be the sixth week of training and will be held in the Ballarat area again.

As stated on previous occasions the training is open to all levels of orienteers. Beginners to elites. It is usual to set up 3 courses of varying distances to cater for everyone’s needs and abilities

Information for this Sunday the 18th of Nov. is as follows:

Map will be Surface Hill

Sign posted from here ( on the Ballarat – Smythsedale Rd, about 15min from Ballarat.

Start will be 10:00 am

Please contact me on or 0417423846 if you intend to come so that maps can be organised.


Roch Prendergast

Training this Sunday 11 Nov 10am at Little Forest

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Nov 082012

Hi all

The 5th week of training will be held at the Score Event on Sunday. See this ( for instructions on how to get there.

Training will be at 10am as usual and will involve the normal program of 2 different types of exercises.

On arrival please go to registration and pay entry for Sundays event and then report to me for the training exercise.

As is usual I need to know who is doing the training so that maps can be organised. Please contact me on or 0417423846 if you intend to take part.

Roch Prendergast

Eureka News Early Nov 2012

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Nov 072012

Hi all

Now that the competitive 2012 season is coming to a close, we can get busy with preparations for December (aMAZEing Ballarat on Saturday December 1 AND the XMAS 5-Days – and our mtbo event at Indigo Winery Friday 28th December).

1 AMAZEing Ballarat.

Mark Valentine and Jamie Bobrowski are organising the event from the Ballarat East Gardens (same spot as last year) on Saturday am. please get your entry in before the 23 November deadline so you will not miss this ICON Eureka event. Entry form is on the Eureka homepage
( )

2 XMAS 5-Days Beechworth.

Elsie Northey and her father Andrew Campbell will be putting out the controls around the popular Indigo Winery (Were you at the fun mtbo relay that Albury Wodonga Orienteers ran last year???). This event will start late in the afternoon and should give everyone 75 minutes of easy riding the trails between the rows of grapes and the surrounding beautiful rolling farm and bushland. Entry is thru the webpage on the VOA webpage ( ) More information about the event is also soon to go up on the Xmas 5-Days website. So get your pushbike back in action for a leisurely ride around the vineyard and then at Stanley on Sunday afternoon 30th December. Contact Blake for details or if you can volunteer at the start / finish.

3 40th Wedding Invitation.

Helen & Terry are celebrating
Their 40th Wedding Anniversary,
On Sunday 25th November,
From 12 noon,
At their home,
14 Bloxham Court,
Hoppers Crossing, Vic, 3029
And would love for you to join with them
in their celebration.

(spit roast/BBQ lunch. Yet to be finalised)
BYO drinks

For catering purposes, please let us know if you can come.
Email us on;
Phone/text us: Terry; 0417 348 768
Helen; 0427 494 558
Home; 03 9749 4558

4 Recent Event Summaries.

A. The Cyclic Navigator was a great success on the new map at “New Zealand Gully” . A good effort from Ken and Anitra (courses, webpage and food), Blake & Mark (start and finish), Dale (clean up), Ian (results), Jenny and Geoff (control pick up) and BJ (first aid). The profits will go to the Juniors Australian MTBO Fund to support young riders to major championships.

B. Roch’s Training Events on Sunday’s in past month have been well received by juniors and seniors alike – very positive comments about the learning exercises Roch has set (yes – he is back on his feet – see the VOA webpage).

C. Blake’s Damascus College Year 9 /10 events. Blake has been busy putting out controls, teaching, and picking up controls at the Damascus, University of Ballarat, Sparrow Ground and Canadian Forest South over the last 4 weeks. The events will culminate in a Yr 9 vs Yr 10 Challenge in the next fortnight on the Damascus College grounds. Roch has made the map revisions and, with some of Blake’s help, devised the courses.

D. Australian MTBO Championships at Taree NSW. Dale is the resident W70- Australian MTBO Champion after good rides at Taree and Port Macquarie! Blake finished well enough to score 15 points in M60- in the National MTBO Series – with Dale scoring 27 points in W70-. Victoria won the National Elite and Masters overall series – but lost the OA State Shield to NSW by 13 points (Victoria’s first loss of the plaque since WA in 2007) in a great competition with QLD, NSW and NZL. Well done to NSW’s David West for a great weekend of events in some beaut single track. Make your plans now for next year’s AUS MTBO Champs in Gympie QLD on 27, 28 July 2013 and help Vic win back the OA shield.


Training this Sunday 4 Nov 10am at Hepburn Springs

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Oct 312012

Hi All.

The fourth instalment of Sunday training will be held this Sunday 4th of November at Brices Flat.

Last week was a successful session with 20 participants who did a compass only exercise followed by a 3 way split course. A novice course for Juniors around the Koala park proved to be a hit with the u12’s and some of the adults.

My sincere apologies to the family who were on their way to the event but never found us. I will do a better job of instructions in future.

Training starts at 10 am on Sun 4th of Nov
$5 per person or $10 per family.
Bryces Flat

Signposted from 15th St in Hepburn ( ).

Drive to Daylesford. At the main roundabout in the middle of town, turn left (north) to Hepburn Springs. Near the bottom of the long downhill after about 3km, opposite Mooltan Guesthouse, turn left towards Newstead. Look for signage to the left after 500m at 15th Street.

Please email me on or phone 0417423846 if you are attending so that I can organise maps.

Thank You

Roch Prendergast