Day 3 is the final make or break day in the competition, where leaders work hard to hang onto their leads, and others strive to improve a few places on their day 2 positions.

After Day 3, our club members finished the Australian 3-Days as follows:

M17-20E Ian Lawford 2nd today, 2nd overall, and only being outgunned by Ollie Poland.

M55A Geoff Lawford 1st today, 1st overall; Roch Prendergast 7th today, 6th overall

M65A Andrew Campbell 13th today, 5th overall

W21E Aislinn Prendergast 6th today, 5th overall, with a really solid and consistent effort across all stages and only 11:33 overall behind the winner Grace Crane; Belinda Lawford 11th today, no overall result because of her Day 2 DNS

W50A Jenny Bourne 1st today, 1st overall, and won W50A on all three days!

W55+AS Judy Prendergast 4th today, 3rd overall, and less than 10 mins behind class winner Jane Watt

W65A Rose Campbell 5th today, 12th overall

Full Day 3 Results here.

Congratulations to all, you’ve done Eureka very proud indeed considering our modest attendance this year! Remember, Easter 2013 is once again Victoria’s turn, with Eureka to be involved strongly in the Gold ‘n Ponds Easter 2013 carnival. The carnival website is already established at (ed: this site was decommissioned in June 2014) so bookmark this page now.