World Orienteering Championships

Just a note that Aislinn’s big race at Lausanne WOC is tonight starting at 11.43 (5th starter in 46 finalists) Swiss time (7.43pm AEST). Julian Dent (ASU) is starting at 1.17 Swiss time (9.17pm AEST)  (toward the upper middle of the group of 45 runners). Aislinn has been keeping us really up to date with what is going on – so cheer for her tonight!  Thanks to Kay Haarsma for letting us know the time difference (AEST is 8 hours ahead of Switzerland).

Swiss 5-Days

Latest news is that the Eureka ‘Old Guard’ – Jenny and Geoff – are doing really well again. Jenny’s (D 55) finishes in the four days of the Swiss 5-Days so far are 1st, 2nd, 1st, and 1st – with only one day to go! Geoff has a suitably impressive list of results of 2nd, 4th, 4th, 5th in H55. Judy and Roch are there too – but seem to taking it a bit easier on their courses (understandable as Roch has a calf muscle injury and Judy just had a hip replacement!!).

Mountain Bike Orienteering

Mountain Bike Orienteering at Chewton this Sunday from 11am to 12 noon start times will be available at the Garfield Water Wheel – just north of the Chewton oval. This is a great area for riding (part of the 2004 World MTBO Champs map) so hope to see many of you there. Weather should be good – so pack the bike up on Saturday night and get a early start Sunday. Other details are on the VOA website and click on the mtbo tag or give me a call (or email) if you need further assistance.

Coaching Notes

Warren and son Warren as well as Alex and Rod had a walk around Pax Hill Activity Centre on last Sunday morning with some help from Mark, Peter and Blake. They seemed to learn much in the area of the scout camp – locating the 20 permanent controls – and using the SI electronic punch system on a short course around the south end of the camp. Too bad we couldn’t help more beginners on the day but we will schedule another one or two of these sessions if interest is shown. Contact Blake or Mark if you would like a particular Sunday coaching session (10-12 noon) in the next month or so.