Hi All.

The next instalment of Sunday training will be held this Sunday 2nd of December, near Daylesford.

Training starts at 10 am, $5 per person or $10 per family.


From Daylesford, drive towards Creswick/Ballarat on the Midland Hwy.  From Ballarat, drive north to Creswick, then turn right/east to drive towards Daylesford on the Midland Hwy.

At Basalt (about 6km west of Daylesford), turn north onto Basalt Road.  At the O sign, follow the indicated road for 6.5km to the Start Area.  There’s not enough signs for every track intersection on the way in, but the major ones will be marked.

Please email me on prenderg@tpg.com.au or phone 0417423846 if you are attending so that I can organise maps.

Thank You

Roch Prendergast