Hi All!

Today was a rest day, so we all had some time to relax! We went in to Kajaani in the morning to buy some outfits for the banquet, then relaxed before preparing for an Aussie afternoon tea. We had a good turn out of supporters and parents – they’ve been great with their cheering during the races!

Tomorrow (ed: today here – Thursday) is the middle qualification, and the Aussie starts are:

Jasmine 9:13 (ed: 4.13pm AEST Thursday 11 July)

Vanessa 9:19 (4.19pm)

Hanny 9:43 (4.43pm)

Bryan 10:25 (5.25pm)

Lachy 10:47 (5.47pm)

Simon 11:19 (6.19pm)

Hope you enjoy watching the gps!!


By Aislinn