Hi all – friends of Canadian Forest I just got word this afternoon that DELWP will assist our efforts to clean up several spots of rubbish in Canadian Forest North. With the 8th March Eureka Challenge at Pax Hill, it is timely that CLEAN UP AUSTRALIA Sunday falls this weekend – Sunday 1 March. Anyone who would like to assist for a couple hours on Sunday morning (10am -12 noon) meet at the big water tank on Wilson Street. Bring gloves and large garbage bags – most of the rubbish is plastic and glass bottles. Any large items – like the lounge suite at the dam just north of the water tank – I’ll pick up with my trailer. DELWP will pick up the bags of rubbish we collect on Monday – and have thanked us in advance for our efforts. We need to reinforce our support of DELWP and our concern for dumping in the forests. We will be meeting with them to discuss the plans for the Sept/Oct Australian Champs in Ballarat in the next fortnight. Now all we need is YOU on Sunday. Cheers Blake _______________________________________________ allmembers mailing list allmembers@eurekaorienteers.asn.au https://eurekaorienteers.asn.au/mailman/listinfo/allmembers_eurekaorienteers.asn.au