Hi members

Here is a final draft of the roster for Sunday – thanks in advance for your efforts in making all Rod’s course setting and map preparation pay dividends on the day!
Control placement  (7.00 to 9.30)   Rod Gray 
Control checking    (7.30 to 10.00)  Steve Bird (Bayside Kangaroos)

From 8.00 am Set-Up of Computer/Television Results:  Ian Chennell      
Set-Up of Pre-Start / Finish Chute  Blake Gordon, Warwick Williams
Set-Up of Registration:  Blake and Warwick

Early Runs from 9.45 – Ruth and David Goddard, John Erwin, Chris Norwood

Parking (9.45 to 11.15)   Peter Jones, Warwick W          Parking (11.15 to 12.45)  Rod and Seggi   

Registration (9.45 to 11.30)  Dale, Lesley, Glenda, Heather   Registration (11.30 to 1.15) Lesley and Glenda    Registration (1.15 to 2.15) Lesley and Glenda

Pre-Start (10.45 to 12.15)  Richard B, Judy P, Jenny B        Pre-Start (12.15 to 2.00) Rod and Blake

Finish (11.30 to 12.45)  Ian C and Jonathan G        Finish (12.45 to 2.00) Chris N and John E    Finish (2.00 to 3.30) Ian C and Geoff Lawford

First Aid Jenny Erwin, Wendy Chennell, Seggi Gray 

Prize Giving (2.30 or earlier) Blake and Rod

Control Pick Up (4.00 to 5.00) Geoff, Rod, Seggi and Blake

Pack up and Return Gear to Store (4.45 to 5.30) Everyone who is left