BUNS Series 3 – Event 1 – Canadian Lakes 6 August 2016

The depth of winter in Ballarat – but a good turn up 12 runners/walkers in cool but sometimes sunny conditions. This is the first time we’ve used this start/finish site at the Canadian Lakes playground. Roch’s placement of controls was challenging to get the 20 controls in 45 minutes, but two teams did it and most improved on their total score. Several new groups – Andrew and Alina (+ dog), Liz, Tim (+ Sophie in a pusher) – really enjoyed seeing part of Ballarat they had not seen before. That is the main reason we’ve staged these events – to give you a different picture of our diverse town, parklands and bushland. Even President Mark had two pouches in tow – or where they towing him!

Today’s event was the first to use the western edge of the newly declared (5th August) Canadian Regional Park – less than 24 hours after the inspirational ceremonies at the Earth Science Centre, Mt Clear Sec College, Olympic Avenue. Rod and James almost made it to the start – but a freak accident at the end of Springs Road saw them assisting a young driver who crashed his car just outside Geoff and Jenny’s driveway. The award for persistence today has to go to Andrew and Alina who found 10 controls in 41 minutes – then took a break and did the other 10 in the early afternoon!

BUNS Series 3 – Event 2 – Yuille Homestead 20 August 2016

John Erwin set the courses today – and at 9 am it was fine. When we started at 11.15 it had deteriorated and wind had picked up – this event was for the keen ones! We only had problems with one control on the east side of the map that was placed in a location that needs a bit of fieldchecking. Otherwise the great variety of locations spread from the north to south edge of the map really tested everyone – walkers and runners. Wet under foot in the paddocks, muddy patches on the tracks, only one creek crossing (unless you got your feet wet) and tapes on new features from Series 2 final event made for good navigation. It is a great area right on the Yarrowee Creek in Sebastopol and promises to be a popular one for our next series.

No one managed the 20 controls in 45 minutes – even our World Super Veterans Rogaining Champ Rod could not drag son James around in time. Roch got a chance to run on the map he made several years ago, but was stymied by the high water in the creek. The teams with dogs did well in the slippery conditions, but the last stair climb proved challenging for Mark – he carried the dogs up the metal stairs just east of the finish!

Next Event at Lake Wendouree – Saturday, 3 Sept – Ian Chennell will set the course on a brand new map from Roch. Invite your friends – we’d like to get more than 30 to the event on what should be a very flat but complex terrain in the gardens and wetlands on the west side of the lake. Start at picnic area corner of Nursery Drive and Wendouree Parade at 11am for 11.15 start.

Blake (in Jenny’s absence)