bit late I know but would it be possible to put the map with controls up attached to the emails?

this would be interesting to me sitting 700kms away but also might motivate Ballarat based folk to head out to the next event.

If worried about map copyright just put draft or something on it

Kay Haarsma

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Ian set a tough challenge last Thursday evening with a wide spread of controls covering a new map “Pennyweight Park”. With the start at the MADE car park we explored some new parts of Ballarat East but also covered some familiar ground around Lake Esmond. It’s nice to run in a different part of Ballarat.
Ian had set the controls so that it was very hard to choose an efficient route. This meant that the field (of 12) spread out quickly, meeting occasionally at the checkpoints (or somewhere near them as we wandered vaguely, scanning posts for the elusive red/white tape. It’s amazing how hard it is to see!).
Only the racehorse, David, managed to get around all of the course and this time it took him 43 mins, longer than his usual 33min run. David’s route took him on a number of zig zags across the map, starting with #1, then heading north up to the railway line, then backwards and forwards across the map down to the Lake and finally back towards the finish.  Geoff came close to getting them all and found 19 markers but it took him 50 mins to do so, so he lost most of the points he gained!
Our next event, and the last one for the year, is on Thursday 7 December at Lake Wendouree, near the Botanical Gardens. The start will be in the elevated rotunda, south of Piper’s restaurant and opposite the floral clock. Usual start time of somewhere between 5.30 and 5.45, or any time near that which suits you.
And since it’s nearly Christmas, we’ll have Christmas buns at our Christmas-themed BUNS.
Results from Pennyweight Park event:
Blake          44.52,     130 points
Peter           44.40      100 points
Rod             45.18      130 points, less penalty = 125
Anar            61.48       70 points, less penalty= -15
Aaron and Hannah   45.30,   80 points, less penalty= 75
Stephen      44.56,      110 points
Jeanette     45.55       80 points, less penalty= 75
Jenny          42.00,      130 points
Geoff          49.46,      190 points, less penalty= 165
Mike           48.20,      140 points, less penalty= 120
Judy            45.50,      100 points, less penalty= 95
David          43.20,      200 points
Hope to see you on Thursday week!