Hi All,

I'm currently involved in putting together a calendar for our scholar, Frederic Tranchand, who will be in Vic from Nov – Mar. 
I'd love to get Freddo involved in helping out for some of your events – whether that be mapping or course setting. I think having an extra resource could be helpful to you.
Also – if anyone knows of any schools in the area that are keen for an Orienteering program or have any other suggestions for Freddo, let me know. Maybe a junior series or something akin to Space Racing in Bendigo?
Would love to know your thoughts

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Hi all

> At our meeting on last Monday night (14 October) it was decided…
> * stage a Eureka Challenge in late August or early Sept (Roch P organiser)
> * run a Winter series of up to 4 events in July / August (Gary Buchan organiser)
> * run a Summer series in Ballarat with MapRun or EOD BUNS format – 3 courses/ scatter (Gary B organiser)
> * stage part of 2020 Victorian MTBO Champs – probably Sprint at Bristol Hill or Mosquito Flat  – Mark Valentine organiser
> * stage aMAZEing Ballarat on 1st Sat in December  – Monica Dickson organiser
> * stage Victorian Teachers Games aMAZEing Geelong in late Sept – 1st Sat of School Holidays? – Sam Valentine organiser
> No EU commitment for the Autumn Series as we helped organise Nerrina and Petticoat/Cotty Creek in 2019.

Now it is up to YOU to fill in the blanks over the 3 weeks – course planners, organisers, venues – so that it is clear who is doing what. Please respond to the organiser (as listed above) and copy to Blake so we can confirm our proposed 2020 commitments by mid-November. We really need EU people to help the EU committee make a good program. The "same old” people can’t continue to carry the load of organising and setting courses – both in foot-o and mtbo.
> Cheers
> Blake Gordon
> Secretary,  Eureka Orienteers

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