Great to hear and read about this weekend from my vantage point at Cooks Beach Coromandel Peninsula, NZ. Not a good weekend for the Kiwis with the All Blacks being bundled out of the Rugby World Cup.


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Hi all

Just a quick note to thank the EU team at Dunnolly today – and really all events from Friday (Jack Pascoe Reserve), MEC (Saturday morning), and Tullaroop Forest (Sat pm).  It was great to have an organised team pack up today at Dunolly –
  • control collection by Warwick, Keith (and Lorraine Wade), Andrew (and Rose Campbell), Monica, and Rick A and Leigh P (Albury Wodonga)
  • pack up of all the electronic gear by Ian, Toby, Gary and Dale and Blake
  • return of van’s contents to EU ELC store by Ian and Gary
  • final liaison with Bayside and Yarra Valley by Ian and Blake (coughing a bit less tonight after a long shower)
I am really proud of how all the movement of finish equipment – the set up-take down – was managed so smoothly –  in plenty of time for each of the 4 competitions in 3 days. The weather let us off the hook today, but we battled hail, wind, rain and thunder/lightning on Saturday afternoon. Through it all we kept a cheerful image to our guests from NZL, IRE, GBR and Hungary – as well as all the states and ACT. We didn’t make problems – just solved them with some unique Ian Chennell brilliance.
Keith Wade wanted me to pass on his particular sincere thanks to Warwick who saved our skins several times and used his controller knowledge to get a great map / courses result today at Dunolly Forest. They loved it.
I’d like to highlight the good rides of three of our juniors – Patrick Cooper (Toby’s son), Eleanor Williams, and Geordie Dickson, who had good results over the four events and really seemed to gain confidence with each ride. It is great to see smiling Eureka kids get rewards for their efforts!
There will be plenty of stories – just ask Gary for his compendium of near disasters – and the results speak for themselves on Eventor. And to put icing on the cake:  AUS 18 – NZL 14 – so we won back the ANZ banner after several years of it residing across the ditch. 
Cheers, thanks – and less stress to you all after a very full long weekend