I’m not sure who sent the message below.


However, to get to the event, take Midlands Highway towards Creswick/Castlemaine; follow A300 thru Sulky (new roundabout); turn right at the beginning of the overtaking lane at Sulky Hill; follow O-signs into Codes Forest Road (dirt), Moores Road (dirt), Standard Road (dirt); assembly area is 7 1/2 minutes from the time you leave the Midlands Highway.


See you on Sunday.




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Yes, I will do that.  Can you tell me please exactly where the control tent will be located.  Thanks,


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Hi all


Thank you all those you have said they will help on Sunday. Below is a “roster’/ rough idea of who will do what and when.




Control checking:  Daylight – 10:00       Geoff, Ian L, Belinda and Warwick


Set Up:   7:30-  it’s done        Jenny, Blake, other early birds


Toilet Towing and Storing:    Rod


Parking:   8.30-10.30              Rod, Toby,  Roch (if needed)      When the rush dies down, parking can be self managed.


Registration/Covid Check In/ Nuisance Questions:      9:00 – 11:00       Judy and Roch

                                                                                               11:00-                  Jenny


Start:    9:00- 11:00               Dale, Heather, Blake, Gary

              11:00- 12.15             Belinda, Geoff


Finish:                                     Ian C,  Warwick (when Ian has a run)


Splits Printer Controller:      10:00- 11:00     Penny Greenslade

                                                  11:00 – 12.00   Ian L

                                                  12:00 – 14:15   Jenny


Pack Up:                                 14:00- …….   Jenny, Blake, Peter


Control Collection:               Geoff, Ian L, Belinda, anybody else with energy



I hope this is agreeable.

See you all on Sunday. Thanks again