Hi everyone,


Our recent attempts to get some local orienteering happening have sadly all been clobbered by the latest round of lockdown restrictions. We are keeping our Covid-isolated fingers crossed that we can still hold our FootO/MTBO double-header at Woowookarung/Canadian on 31 October, that we had to postpone from 8 August. If you didn’t already know, the 2021 Australian Champs in Tasmania have been cancelled, which is sad news, especially for all the state schools teams.


Keeping the “5km-from-home rule” firmly in mind… If anyone wants to use their daily exercise allowance for some casual O training, and you would like a tailored Open Orienteering Maps StreetO map with some control sites scattered around your home location, and/or the same uploaded into MapRun, please let me know and I can put something together for you. A basic screenshot of a Google Maps area, a start/finish location, and what format you’d like (score, scatter, classic line course, etc) would be fine. Also, if there is interest in learning how to DIY an event, using existing maps, OOMaps, Google Earth and MapRun, please let me know and we can do an online workshop on Zoom or Teams.


There are also some StreetO maps on the club website here. The Ballarat City one covers much of the central city and has 151 controls on it, which are already loaded in MapRun under the Victoria> Ballarat> Ballarat City folder. Print off all or part of this map, choose any control as a start/finish point, choose 2-hour Score, Scatter 10, Scatter 20 or Scatter 30 in MapRunF or MapRun6, and DIY your own training activity.


Keep safe and get vaccinated (Shot 1 booked this Friday for me).


Regards, Ian